Model room with Gira

Model room with Gira

The Max Grundig Clinic in Bühl in the Black Forest region was founded by German entrepreneur Max Grundig.


Bühl, Germany


The Max Grundig Clinic in Bühl in the Black Forest region was founded by German entrepreneur Max Grundig. Grundig did not want to establish a traditional hospital; instead, he wanted to create a high-quality place for retreat and recuperation. In 1986, he acquired the former sanatorium on Bühlerhöhe hill and realised his vision: To focus on people, rather than their diseases. In order to achieve this, his doctors needed to dedicate more time to their patients. For Grundig, it was important to make sure that his patients and their relatives did not experience the often oppressive atmosphere usually associated with hospitals. In terms of comfort, service and aesthetics, the clinic is reminiscent of a luxury hotel: It is located in a beautiful park, with panoramic views of the Rhine plain.

Today, the Max Grundig Clinic focuses on internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine, and its work as a check-up and radiology centre. Its specialist doctors representing all medical disciplines work sensitively to investigate the symptoms of their patients. When designing the rooms, a great deal of attention was paid to ensuring that the rooms look well-cared for, with a luxury feel. In the small individual rooms – which still manage to offer 20 m2 of space – a sofa is just as important a feature as the nurse call system. Large single rooms feature a similar layout but are slightly more spacious. The Max Grundig Clinic also offers patients the option to book a double room, with family also welcome to stay.

The junior suite offers even higher levels of comfort: It boasts separate living and sleeping areas over a total of 50 m2. Patients who want a truly luxury experience can opt for the Max Grundig suite. At 150 m2, the suite is not only a place to stay, but also a place to work. The study and conference room make it the perfect choice for patients who need to stay in the loop with business during their stay. To match the ambience, the clinic opted for Gira S-Color design line switches in the rooms and in all other areas of the building. The understated design fits in seamlessly with the overall look.

The clinic offers a delicious menu comprised of light dishes and more hearty traditional options. Most of the produce is locally sourced. Patients on a special diet receive all of the advice they need, and specially trained dietary checks prepare the food. In partnership with a number of industry partners, Gira kitted out a model room as part of the preparations for two series of events: "Fit for future" for the hospital sector and "The future of good living" for the care sector. Representatives from clinical practice, architecture, interior design and planning were invited to the events.

The model room includes the Gira nurse call system 834 Plus, which enables patients to call staff quickly if they need to. pushbutton sensors for KNX are used to showcase what bus technology can do. The Gira G1 is the compact, visually appealing control centre for KNX. All the functions can be operated intuitively by touching or gesturing on the high-resolution multi-touch display. The elegant Gira E22 design line in stainless steel and the slimline design of the components provides a sophisticated and high-quality finish.

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