Marx Intronic in Erfurt

Marx Intronic in Erfurt

Marx Intronic focuses on the development, planning and implementation of all services relating to the Marx product range.


Architekturbüro Budszuhn + Rüttger


Erfurt, Germany

Clever integration of window fittings.

The Marx product range includes automatic window, door and gate systems, escape and rescue route technology, access control systems and smoke and heat extraction systems. An intelligent building control system – which operates via a KNX system and also incorporates the door and window fittings – ensures that air quality remains consistently high throughout the building with automatically controlled natural ventilation; the system also boosts safety and energy efficiency.

The two-storey building houses a large sales and display space on the ground floor, with modern training rooms and offices above. The production hall and warehouse are located in an adjoining building. The complex was planned and constructed by the architects at Budszuhn + Rüttger from Erfurt. The interior is bright and inviting, with floor-to-ceiling windows and additional skylights. In order to demonstrate to customers how the individual building technology systems can work together, the directors of Marx Intronic and operating manager Michael Gebhardt opted to partner with systems integrator Ronny Schlorke and his company from Ebenheim. "We proposed various solutions to showcase the possibilities in terms of safety, access control, convenience and energy savings", explains Ronny Schlorke. "Naturally, we included the products that Marx sells in our ideas". In the background, a KNX system connects all actuators and sensors. The central interface is a Gira FacilityServer which evaluates and archives all of the data and issues defined logical commands. The lighting, sun protection, heating, natural ventilation, access control, intruder and fire alarms and door communication technologies are all integrated into the system, enabling it to provide data even on the status of individual doors and windows as well as issue warnings in the event of a fire or break-in.

All functions, status messages and the archive can be controlled, called up and operated centrally via a large touch panel – the Gira Control 19 Client – on the top floor. The PC in the shop can also be used to operate the system, and it can be controlled remotely via a special Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer app on an iPhone or iPad. The Gira interface and Ronny Schlorke's display – developed especially for Marx Intronic – work together to deliver an intuitive user experience. The display is based on a layout plan and is divided up by floors and into individual areas of the plant. In the warehouse and production hall, the lighting is switched in stages using fixed Gira pushbutton sensors at the entrances. With a press of the "All off" button, employees can turn off all of the lights at once when they leave for the evening. If an intruder or fire alarm sounds, all of the lighting is turned back on. Furthermore, a Gira CO2 ambient air sensor detects the room temperature, air humidity and the CO2 levels in the room. These values are then passed on to the Window Master, which is also integrated into the KNX system. The Window Master then initiates natural ventilation by opening the skylights when needed. In the event of rain or strong wind, the windows automatically close again. A pushbutton sensor can also be used to open the skylights manually. The production hall and changing areas are automatically ventilated in bursts at fixed times before the shift begins.

In the offices and conference rooms, employees operate the lighting manually; as in production, the room climate is automatically optimised to create a fresh and healthy working environment at all times. Gira CO2 ambient air sensors measure the air quality and open the windows automatically if the values fall below a set level. If the windows are opened, the heating switches off – a feature that is key to energy efficiency. Also very practical: The blinds are automatically lowered if too much sunlight is flooding into the building. When the skies darken, if it starts raining or if the weather turns stormy, they are automatically raised again. Each employee can also control their own blinds individually. In the conference rooms, the Gira pushbutton sensors have also been programmed with additional functions: They can be used to switch all lighting in the room on or off, but also to activate one of four predefined light scenes. The user can also easily create and save their own scenes by simply activating the lights they need then pressing and holding down the button for longer than five seconds. The Gira pushbutton sensor can also be used to raise and lower the projector screen. Alongside natural ventilation, the air conditioning systems in the conference rooms also spring into action if the temperature gets too high.

During normal opening hours, any member of the public can walk into the shop – but this is not the case in the production hall and warehouse. The hall is accessed through automatic swing or sliding doors that can be locked or released as needed; the doors are connected to the KNX system, enabling this action to be undertaken remotely where necessary. The Gira interface can be used to check the current status of these doors at any time. The system will show not only whether the doors are currently open or closed, but also whether they are locked or released for use. Emergency escape doors must always be unlocked during day-to-day operations; if they are opened, an alarm is triggered. In the evenings, the last employee to leave the premises switches on the alarm system and all doors, including the emergency doors, are locked as standard. If a visitor rings the bell at one of the Gira door stations with video function, a live image is sent to the PC in the sales area and the Gira Control 19 Client on the top floor. From here, an employee can communicate with the visitor and open the relevant door if needed.

Ronny Schlorke incorporated the operating status of the fire alarm control centre and the smoke detectors in the individual detection groups into the display: "In the event of a fault, an entry is made in the archive and an alarm is triggered by email. If the alarm sounds, all of the lighting is switched on and the responsible person receives an email and SMS notification". The display provides precise information on which detector is affected by the fault or where the alarm has been triggered. Thanks to the installed window contacts, the display shows exactly which windows are open. If the alarm system is activated and a window is opened, all of the lighting is switched on, including the floodlights at the gates to the site. In parallel, an email and SMS warning is sent out to the relevant parties. The alarm can also be activated independently in different areas, such as the warehouse and shop. For even greater security, a camera is installed in the yard to monitor the building when there is nobody on-site.

Installed Gira Products

Gira Smoke Alarm Devices

Smoke alarm devices are an essential additon to any home. And rightly so, since a reliable and timely warning of fire and the gases it creates can save lives. When it’s a matter of life and death, it’s important not to compromise on quality. Gira’s Basic Q, Dual Q smoke alarm devices and wireless smoke alarm devices are produced to the highest standards. The “Q” label stands for certified quality, a long service life and a reduction in deceptive alarms, combined with increased stability against external factors. The photoelectric scattered light principle also helps to boost safety: The devices measure the density of fine smoke particles and trigger an alarm as soon as the threshold value is exceeded. Another advantage: The battery will last at least 10 years, until the smoke alarm device must be replaced by law.


Gira Door Station

Manufactured from shatterproof, UV-resistant materials and in the Gira TX_44 design line, the Gira door station is perfectly equipped for your outdoor area. No matter whether as surface-mounted or flush-mounted version. The basic equipment includes a speaker, microphone and doorbell. By integrating a colour camera, you can also see who is at the door.

Gira E2 Manuelle Jalousiesteuerung Aufsatz Gira

Gira E2

Thanks to its streamlined minimalist design, the timeless and original Gira E2 design line is the perfect complement to a range of interior styles. Choose between the shatter-proof UV-resistant plastic versions in pure white matt, pure white glossy, black matt, aluminium (varnished) and anthracite, or stainless steel.

Gira HomeServer 4 schwarz

Gira HomeServer

Customise each moment: with the Gira HomeServer, you can easily put complex scenarios into practice. Even garden irrigation and smart speakers can be integrated into the system. All transmission is, of course, encrypted.

Gira Tastsensor 3 E3 blaugrau anthrazit

Gira KNX Pushbutton Sensor 3

Controlling lighting and blinds, regulating the room temperature, or storing and calling up complete mood scenes consisting of light, blinds and music – with the Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 3 you can conveniently control a multitude of functions at the push of a button.

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