Kleine Haus von außen mit schwarzer Holzfassade

The little black house on Ammersee

The little black house on Ammersee

With a black, charred wooden façade and large-format pivot windows, this little house’s small extension is a special feature. On the inside, you can see that things are reduced to basic, essential functions.





Florian Holzherr



Breitbrunn, Germany

Small extension, big statement: The black wooden facade creates a strong contrast.

In an urban environment characterised by detached houses, this small black house forms a contrast in many ways. Conceived as a new extension, this building was cleverly inserted into a niche between two existing building: an office and an apartment block. The new building is connected directly to the apartment block, however it standards out thanks to the charred wooden façade and significantly stands out as a separate structure. The wooden framework itself is charred, making it resistant to both water and fungal attack with no need for chemical treatment.

Kleine Haus mit Holzfassade und Pivot-Fenster
Two large pivot windows and the black wooden facade create a harmonious contrast. (Photo: Florian Holzherr)

Bright and clear: Large pivot windows frame a reduced interior design.

Rooms in this little black house are reduced to essential, basic functions. There’s a kitchen with a living and dining area on the ground floor, a bedroom with a bathroom and a separate toilet on the basement floor. While the entrance area with kitchen is on the same level as the existing building, the floor of the elevated dining area is connected to the ground floor and is extended by large openings to form a terrace. There’s even an architectural speciality: two large-format pivot windows. These make it possible to open the northern and western facades. The glass corner of the façade protrudes freely.

Simple interior and minimalist style.

Along with a reduced set of rooms, the interior also sticks to simple shapes and materials. All built-in furniture such as cupboards, doors, windows and the stair tower are made from natural, oiled oak. This includes the kitchen fittings.

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