German School in Madrid

German School in Madrid

The German School in Madrid is a building which houses a nursery school, primary school and secondary school for approx. 300 nursery school children and 1,500 pupils. 


Grüntuch Ernst Architekten BDA


Madrid, Spain

Exemplary .

The client of the EUR 65 million project is the German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning. The architects used only exposed concrete for construction. Pre-fabricated parts and elements cast on site were also used: Outside in the nursery as well as in the auditorium and even in the four-field sports hall. 

The open spaces between the three school areas feature landscaped elements and playgrounds at the back. Foyer courtyards are found towards the forecourt and bus station. The hexagonal canteen is enclosed by covered courtyards and joins two important outdoor areas: On the one side, there is the large entrance courtyard, which is a common meeting place for everyone before the pupils go off to the various buildings, and on the other side, there is the playground between the nursery school and primary school, which as a covered courtyard can also be used on rainy days. 

In the classrooms, warm tones prevail and coloured wall panels add various touches of colour along the connecting corridors. The dimensions and furnishings of the inviting bright and spacious classrooms comply with German standards. A great deal of importance was attached to the modern technical equipment of the school in order to be able to familiarise the children with digital media. With regard to the design line, the architects opted for the Gira E2 switch, whose clear design suits the visual concept perfectly. 

Together with the German embassy and the Goethe-Institut, the German School Madrid takes part in the city's official cultural exchange programme. Both the eye-catching auditorium with 750 seats and the school's sports hall are used for public events. The representative character of the architecture is correspondingly important. 

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