Gira Water-protected


Water-Protected Design Lines from Gira.

Securely sealed. Against oil and water.

Special environments require special switches. Gira’s water-protected flush-mounted switches with IP-44 protection are designed to keep spray water out.

Colour Variants

Colour aluminium
Pure white

Switches for outside, cellars and garages – water-protected by Gira.

And should you need even better protection: Our water-protected surface-mounted range and all Gira TX_44 products are highly robust design lines that are suitable for installation in wet rooms and anywhere that switches may be exposed to more demanding environmental conditions. Whether for a cellar, garage, workshop, a commercial property or outdoors: Your switches are waterproofed by Gira.

Other design lines

Gira ClassiX Bronze

Gira ClassiX

Classic and Elegant


Gira E2

Purist Design


Gira E3

Ambiance as a Range


Gira Esprit

Distant and Classy


Gira Event

More than a switch. An experience.


Gira Standard 55

High Quality Standard


Gira Studio

A rounded design

Gira S-Color, Farbe grau auf weißer Wand

Gira S-Color

The Design Classic

Design Configurator

Quick and Simple: Find the right design for frames, switches and more.