Gira System 106

Turn your door intercom system into a design highlight.

With the modular Gira System 106, door intercom systems can be individually configured, visually adapted to any exterior front or used as a design highlight. As a counterpart to the Gira indoor stations, it offers all required functions such as a doorbell, camera, name plate and house number on the outside of the front door. Robust materials and modern technologies ensure convenience and safety. An additional benefit is the compatibility with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions.

Colour Variants

Stainless steel
Stainless steel V4A
Traffic white

Product Features

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

This product can be controlled with an app via smartphone or tablet.

This product can be networked with other products.

Due to its splash-proof design (IP44), the product is suitable for basements, damp rooms and outdoor areas.

The product can be engraved with the Gira inscription service.

A smart door station in elegant design.

Not only can you interact with visitors before opening the door, you can make a great impression with a beautiful intercom system. Since each component is easily interchangeable, your desirable design is easy to achieve: simply remove and replace.

Always suitable for your personal needs.

The Gira System 106 is a modular system. This allows you to put together your own individual hands-free system. The icing on the cake? Whether it's the camera, hands-free system or call button – the modules all contain the same technology. They can be easily inserted into the housing, and covered and protected by the 3 mm-thick design front plate. The arrangement of the individual modules can be changed at any time and without great effort.

Gira door station module 106.

This is the smallest version of a full-fledged door station. This includes a hands-free system with integrated call button, a high-quality microphone and a weatherproof speaker for perfect and uncomplicated communication.

Gira System 106 Sprachmodul und Namensschild
Gira System 106, colour stainless steel, door station module.

Gira call button module 106.

It's great to have a choice. The module is available with backlit call buttons for easy recognition and reading of the inscription in the dark or with elegant metal buttons including laser engraving.

Gira System 106 zweifach Set
Left: Gira System 106, colour stainless steel with speech module, call button Module and two Gira Home Stations.

Gira intercom module 106

Communication between inside and outside – sounds good? Even better with this module thanks to a high-quality microphone. The weatherproof speaker and background noise suppression ensure excellent voice quality.

Gira System 106, Farbe Edelstahl, Sprachmodul
Gira System 106, colour stainless steel, speech module.

Gira camera module 106.

The shatterproof pane of black glass not only looks good, but also protects the high-performance camera. High light sensitivity, wide shooting angles and backlight compensation ensure crisp, clear image quality – so you can see what's happening on your doorstep as clear as glass.

Gira System 106, technology, camera with infrared LEDs without black glass pane and Gira System 106, technology, camera module

Gira info module 106.

This module is ideal for displaying your house number, street name, company logo or other information in an elegant and highly visible way.

Gira System 106, Farbe Edelstahl, Infomodul mit Hausnummer
Gira System 106, colour stainless steel, info module.

Gira display module 106.

Talk, listen or open the door? The Gira display module 106 shows the visitor what to do by means of easily understandable symbols.

Gira System 106, Anzeigemodul
Gira System 106, display module (DIN 18040)

Gira inscription service.

Do you want a uniform, high-quality and clearly legible inscription on your door intercom system? No problem. You can complete the elegant appearance of your door station just as you like with the Gira inscription service. Find out more about this at

The right size and design concept at all times.

The basis of every good communication – the right measure. In the case of the Gira System 106 this is: 106.5 x 106.5 mm per module. All components can be flexibly combined and arranged vertically, horizontally or in squares as desired. The front plates made of metal impress thanks to their elegantly understated design.

Gira System 106, colour aluminium, camera module, speech module, call button module, 4-Gang engravable call Button.

High-quality technology, award-winning design.

The body and flat modules of the Gira System 106 are full of innovative technology and functional details. For example, the design and glass fronts conceal the high-quality intercom system with background noise suppression, the camera with backlight compensation, the brightness sensor for the call button, or a built-in heating unit to protect the system.

Comfort and design indoors too.

The counterpart to the door station on the outside of the entrance is the home station, the intercom and operating unit for inside. The Gira System 106 can be combined with any of the home stations from the Gira door communication system.

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Gira Home Station: Opening doors has never been so stylish