Gira Profile 55

The toolbar. On the wall.

The Gira Profile 55 can be installed with over 300 System 55 functions. The high-quality profile offers up to eight installation windows, which you can equip with Gira switches, the Gira Door Intercom with video function, cable connections such as USB, and the Gira IP flush-mounted radio, in addition to your socket outlets.

Product Features

Product for lighting control.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Product for the contorl of media (music, TV, etc.).

55 x 55 mm.

Not just a square. A great idea. At Gira, socket outlets, switch inserts and other Gira products have the dimensions: 55 x 55 mm. Meaning that you can choose from over 300 functions from the Gira range.

Gira Produkt Profil55
Gira Profile 55 inserts fit into many Gira design lines thanks to standard dimensions.

A good mood with the Gira Profile 55.

You can also use Profile 55 safely in the bathroom and benefit from its functionality. For many people, music is part of their daily morning routine. So, why not install a Gira IP flush-mounted radio in the Profile 55? You can install it simply and safely next to your washbasin: To protect the cables of the Gira IP flush-mounted radio from moisture, the electrical connections disappear behind the surface-mounted strip. In addition you can also attach other functional inserts such as light switches and socket outlets with hinged cover, for example. You can attach the aluminium strip both vertically and horizontally as desired.

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