Plug & Light featured by Gira

Light. Straight from the socket outlet.

Plug & Light featured by Gira. Discover truly individual lighting design.

Plug & Light featured by Gira is designed to provide exactly the light you need at exactly the right time. Simply dock the Plug & Light spotlight from Gira on the Plug & Light light socket outlet using the integrated magnet.

Colour Variants

Pure white glossy
Black matt

Product Features

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product creates special, atmospheric lighting.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Detailierter Aufbau vom Plug and Light-System
Plug & Light consists of three parts: Plug & Light light socket outlet, Gira switch range, Plug & Light light attachment.

Simple but innovative assembly.

The magnet connecting the Plug & Light socket outlet and the Plug & Light light top unit enables you to rotate the light continuously by a full 360° – and you can swap out the top unit whenever you want. This lighting system is ideal for use in bedrooms: Plug & Light can be installed right next to the bed to provide illumination while you read. If you’re renovating your home or building a new property, it’s a good idea to think about where you want to install this practical lighting system. Your specialist partner offers Plug & Light spotlights and Plug & Light wall luminaires from Gira in black or white. The Plug & Light system was developed by Gira subsidiary Insta GmbH. Gira is one of the first partners to join the Plug & Light network.

Gira Plug&Light neben dem Bett
The Plug & Light spotlights from Gira are suitable reading lights in the bedroom.

Coordinated switch and light design with Plug & Light.

The Plug & Light light socket outlet featured by Gira is integrated into the Gira System 55, enabling you to combine the light top unit with switch frames from the award-winning Gira E2 design line – known for its clear design language and high-quality materials.