IoT – Internet of Things

IoT – Internet of Things.

The “Internet of Things” brings home comfort to the next level.

Owning a smart home enables you to do a lot. You can control your lighting via app, regulate your heating whilst on the go and listen to your favourite music wherever you are in the house. That’s why Gira offers a large range of smart home solutions with the goal of making your life more comfortable and efficient. Thanks to the “Internet of Things” (IoT), your current Gira Smart Home can be made more efficient by linking up smart products from other manufacturers. Lighting, washing machines, garden irrigation systems and vacuum robots: thanks to the Internet, your networking options are virtually unlimited. It means that now, your individual smart devices can communicate with one another and perform household tasks more efficiently.

Timer settings with Gira Smart Home products.

In a Gira Smart Home, you can determine when your blinds go up (or come down) and what time the lights switch on. By simply pre-setting them to do so, the blinds will come down in the evening and the lights will switch on at sunset. This can be done either via touch screen devices from Gira, or the Gira apps on your smartphone/tablet. The “Internet of Things” also enables voice commands for all smart devices when working together with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant.

Amazon Echo Dot auf einem Schreibtisch im Arbeitszimmer
When used together with Amazon Alexa, your lighting will respond to your voice.

Smart Home Control with Amazon Alexa.

Gira KNX products for smart lighting, heating and blinds can be controlled via the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant. Here, you don’t even have to flick a switch or reach for your smartphone. Simply say loudly and clearly, “Alexa, turn on the living room light!”

Frau schaut Video zum Thema IFTTT auf dem Tablet
IFTTT-enabled Gira products can be easily connected with products from other manufacturers.

IFTTT in a Gira Smart Home.

Perhaps you’re excited about combining Gira products with smart devices from other manufacturers, yet don’t consider yourself very technically savvy. Don’t worry, many smart products on the “Internet of Things” come with an IFTTT connection. This allows your smart applications to receive commands from the cloud. How you can network these products you can find out here.