Gira S1

Remote access. With no risk of unauthorised access.

Smart Home technology makes your day-to-day life easier and enables you to control all of the systems in your home remotely. The Gira S1 provides a secure encrypted connection for remote access.

With the Gira S1, used in conjunction with the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer, you can connect to your home wherever you are in the world – to switch lights on and off, close the blinds or control the heating. The device provides encrypted remote access to your Smart Home via the Gira Smart Home app. The app is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): The server is located in Germany.

Product Features

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

This product can be networked with other products.

News from home.

The Gira S1 can send you important news from your Smart Home. If the smoke alarm sounds, you’ll receive a notification. Depending on your requirements, the notification can be sent by e-mail, SMS* or as a voice message*

(* subject to charges).

Gira Produkt S1
The Gira S1 protects your Smart Home from unauthorized access and enables encrypted remote access via Smartphone.

With the Gira S1, you decide who gets access.

In addition to providing secure remote access to your home, the Gira S1 can also be used for remote maintenance performed on your Smart Home by a professional electrician. You remain fully in control of who gets access and when.

Simply start the Gira Smart Home app or the Gira HomeServer app and the Gira S1 will work with the Gira device portal to take care of the rest. The remote access symbol in the status bar on your mobile phone will tell you that the connection is secure. You decide whether your Smart Home can be accessed. Using the app or a pushbutton sensor, you can specifically approve each instance of remote maintenance to be performed by the electrical engineer.

Ensure trouble-free connection to external services.

With the Gira S1, you can integrate external services into your Smart Home without any hassle. This makes it easy to link your smart home with services, like Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Google Assistant. The Gira S1 also makes connection to the cloud service IFTTT (If this then that) possible.