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Space for a new way of thinking. New Gira products.

Space for a new way of thinking. New Gira products.

Driving innovation to shape the future of living.

At Gira, we constantly work on extending our product portfolio – with comprehensive updates or completely new ideas. From classic switches to smart systems, we keep on challenging ourselves. So that you can enjoy even more comfort, security, and entertainment in your own home.

Gira System 106 black matt. Available now.

Gira System 106 Schwarz matt Milieu Design Plus Award

The new black matt colour enhances any entrance area and blends well with a variety of colour schemes.

The matt finish gives it a unique yet timelessly stylish look.

The design not only looks high quality, but the powder coating makes it highly durable and scratch-resistant.

  • New, particularly attractive colour in the design system

  • Durable powder coating

  • Matt, particularly scratch-resistant surface structure

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Gira E1. Minimalist and natural.

The new design line from the Gira System 55 has an unobtrusive natural look.

The design is minimalist but expressive with its soft contours.

Simple, neutral, and striking in its details – the Gira E1 is suitable for almost any environment.

Features include:

  • Understated but striking design

  • Can be used for over 300 functions from Gira System 55

  • Available in different colours

  • Available from 09/2024

Smart Energy with Gira.

Everything at a glance.

With the Visu module from Splendid Minds GmbH, all data available in the KNX system, such as energy data, can be presented visually. The module enables the display of graphs and diagrams in the Gira Smart Home App. For example, the power generated by photovoltaic systems or electricity consumption can be displayed.

E-mobility in the Smart Home.

With the Gira Eco, integrating your electric car's charging station into the KNX Smart Home system is a breeze. This allows for the charging process to be controlled anytime and intuitively via the Gira Smart Home App or the Gira G1.

DALI gateway colour for KNX. Available now.

Adapt the lighting in your KNX Smart Home to your individual daily routine so that your light optimally supports you when waking up, working, and relaxing in the evening.

These colour temperature changes from warm to cool light are possible thanks to the DALI 2 lighting control standard. This also enables simple colour control for coloured light as well as flicker-free and stepless dimming of your light – even with LED lights.

  • Human Centric Lighting for up to four individual and automatic daily routines

  • Change of colour temperature

  • Colour control for coloured lighting

  • Flicker-free dimming

Gira weather sensor with weather centre for KNX.

In combination with the new weather centre, the new Gira weather sensor provides your KNX Smart Home with all information about temperature, brightness, precipitation, and wind speed. This will reliably warn you of rain, frost, and snow, and you can, for example, automatically raise the blinds in the event of rain.

As the weather centre is based on the globally recognized KNX Secure standard, any communication between the weather centre and, for example, blind actuators is protected against manipulation by third parties.

  • Prevents damage to blinds from storms, ice, and precipitation

  • Sun protection for a comfortable indoor climate

  • Privacy protection for a private atmosphere in your home

  • Protection against tampering thanks to KNX Secure

The image depicts a modern outdoor light fixture mounted on the exterior wall of a building. The fixture has a sleek, translucent design and is attached to a bracket for support.

Gira System 3000 motion detector with delay time. Available now.

With the new System 3000 motion detector 1.10 m standard with delay time, you can flexibly set the delay time from 10 seconds to 30 minutes without having to rely on Bluetooth or an app. The light is then automatically switched off if, for example, no further movement is detected for 10 minutes.

  • Delay time and brightness threshold can be set individually

  • Can be activated for daytime operation regardless of surrounding brightness

  • Switches on at the brightness last set or a preset brightness level

  • Can be combined with all Gira design lines

Unique designs, convenient functions, smart technology: the latest additions to the Gira product range.

As a professional, you can find more information and details about all new Gira products here.

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