Stainless steel – style with added value

A solid base for ground-breaking design.

Meteorite rocks – the origin of traditional steel processing.

From outer space to living spaces.

5,000 years ago, Egyptians were already extracting steel from meteorite rocks. In 1912, the German company Krupp finally managed to fabricate a stainless-steel variant with a mixture of chrome and nickel. This newly discovered material thus became a standard choice for all sorts of everyday appliances. Today, stainless steel also constitutes an integral part of the Gira design lines – from classic switches to smart sensors.  

Refined processing techniques at over 1,000 °C.

A metal with surprising versatility.

What is stainless steel, exactly? Strictly speaking, the term refers to an alloy that complies with the norm DIN EN 10027 – an extremely solid metal composite. By adding a mix of different substances, plain steel is turned into stainless steel. Frames from the Gira Esprit are made from the type 1.4301 V2A. This material develops through an extremely precise casting and processing technique: each frame is rolled, shaped by deep drawing, ground, and the edges are milled by 45° and then polished. Lastly, the surface is brushed and electrochemically passivated. 

Sleek casing with strong functionality.

In everyday life, stainless steel offers a whole range of benefits. It is robust, hygienic, low-maintenance, and even recycable. Due to its high resistance to water and steam, the metal also proves useful in outdoor areas – as the surface of a door station at the entrance, for example. Last but not least, it stands out with its gleaming aesthetics: subtle and yet distinct.  

German artist Thomas Schönauer left no doubt why loves to work with the high-quality material during an interview with Gira:  

Stainless steel is a truly wonderful material, thanks to its varying surface structures.

Thomas Schönauer


Stylish highlights for every wall.

Stainless steel lends a silky, classy glow to modern interior spaces. Its deep light reflexes underline the clear aesthetics of Gira products. Thus, the system design elevates entire living spaces – from the door station at the entrance to the blind control switch in the bedroom. Of course, you decide whether you want to set a few selected accents or a bold statement. Gira System 55 allows for a multitude of combinations, with frames and inserts in all possible variants: design that matches your personal style down to the last detail. 

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