Glass – flexible in shape and colour

Timeless transparency with class.

The more complex our modern world becomes, the more we strive for a sense of clarity. Glass answers this need: the material allows us to look both inside and through it, making living spaces feel light and airy. This also holds true for switches from the Gira design lines.  

The art of dealing with fragility.

When tradition meets innovation.

Glass is one of the oldest materials used in the history of humankind. Its translucent play with light and colour has been fascinating people for thousands of years. In architecture, it is popular as well – from baroque palaces to contemporary Smart Homes. The Gira product range includes a variety of glass variants that combine functional diversity with delicate design.  

Spectral play of light on a polished edge.

Systemic concept, aesthetic casting.

In today’s industries, innovative technologies have replaced the traditional craft of glasswork. The basic elements remain natural: quartz sand, lime, and soda, thoroughly processed and refined. The glass frames of Gira Esprit switches are finished at 1,000 °C and then polished by hand. A jet of water grinds the characteristic edges and recesses that distinguish the Gira system design. 

Systemic concept: Gira Esprit, Gira Studio, and the Gira pushbutton sensor 4.

A strong yet effortless statement.

Due to its unobtrusive quality, glass constitutes an integral part of modern interiors. But the material has more to offer than visual brilliance: seemingly fragile at first glance, it can serve various purposes in everyday life. Gira glass frames stand out with their high stability and thermal resistance. They are solid, hygienic, low-maintenance – and exude a playful elegance at the same time.   

Graceful glow in muted colours: Gira Esprit in black glass frames.

Accents that flood every room with light.

Design elements made from glass keep surprising us with their contrasting facets, catching our eye while still blending in seamlessly. With their subtle contours and precise finishes, Gira switches match any interior style – classic or contemporary, extravagant or minimalist, monochrome or colourful. Glass makes a clear statement in the most literal sense: transparent and yet profound. 

The Gira product range in glass.

Gira Esprit

Personality is an important component of any room design. With the Gira Esprit design line, you can turn your walls into stylish visual highlights with high-quality materials such as glass, metal, stainless steel or linoleum-plywood.

Gira Studio

Stand out. Dare to try something new. Simply combine classic and avant-garde: The Gira Studio design line adds dashes of style, fitting perfectly with an avant-garde living style. As a trendsetter, Gira has demonstrated a sensitive grasp of innovative design with this design line, without compromising on functionality. Square and round. Black in black, white in white, or do you prefer contrasting black and white? With this design line, it’s up to you to set the stylish tone. As a surface-mounted variant, the Gira Studio design line is often used as a design highlight on the wall in loft apartments.

Gira pushbutton sensor 4

Our pushbutton sensor 4 is evidence that even switches can be versatile. An elegant, minimalist surface conceals smart technology beneath which allows you to control different units in your KNX system, such as blinds and lighting. The pushbutton is available in versions with two, four or eight separately freely assignable buttons. The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 is now available in additional high-quality materials. Choose between stainless steel coated bronze (PVD) and lacquered aluminium in pure white glossy and pure white matt as well as anthracite, black matt and grey matt.