Bronze – timeless and modern

The most elegant fusion of old and new .

For 6,000 years, bronze has served as a splendid symbol of technological progress. With its classic aesthetics and high durability, the material is also part of the Gira design lines and the System 106 (delivery date to be announced). 

Elements in bronze (PVD) fill the room with a radiant glow.

Tradition meets visionary innovation.

Poseidon in Athens, Big Ben in London, St. Peter’s Bell in Cologne: many monuments that redefined the limits of their time were made from bronze. Today, the material is still used for trail-blazing technology – including data transfer and energy storage. Its sophisticated appeal and beaming colour continue to inspire extraordinary designs. Within the Gira product range, bronze is used for the finishes of light switches and pushbutton sensors.  

Gira Esprit: first-rate design in stylish bronze (PVD).

Radiant aura thanks to refined manufacturing.

Physical vapour deposition (PVD) is state-of-the-art when it comes to high-quality material processing. The technique has proven indispensable for aerospace, shipping, bridge building, and Gira technology – simply any industry that requires the best quality standards. Bronze is evaporated into a wafer-thin, closed nanocoating which counteracts outgassing and corrosion. This lends a special warmth and brilliance to Gira products with bronze-coloured surfaces, such as the smart Gira pushbutton sensor 4

Timeless beauty that’s meant to stay.

Bronze not only stands out with its elegant optics. Beyond that, the material has excellent mechanical properties: Gira Esprit switches in bronze are scratch-proof, hygienic, and robust. Edges milled by 45° create captivating light reflexes in their colouring. Soft and smooth, the surface turns every touch into a haptic experience. Another benefit: the PVD coating is recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.   

Systemic design: Gira Esprit, Gira System 106 (available in bronze (PVD) as of 2022), Gira pushbutton sensor 4.

Holistic design and functionality.

In living spaces, bronze-coloured details convey a sense of sophisticated comfort. There’s enough room to let your creativity run wild: as part of the Gira System 55, switches from the Gira design lines can be mixed and matched with more than 300 different functional inserts. This allows you to configure a setup that fits your personal style perfectly – from subtle accents to extravagant eye-catchers.  

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