Gira dimmers

Beautiful lighting effects in next to no time.

Light – almost nothing influences our life and our well-being more. With the right light settings, rooms can be accentuated, moods changed or work areas perfectly illuminated. Gira offers you numerous dimming solutions and operating devices here. Turning, touching or tapping – the variety starts with the various lamps which can be tared as desired and even combined with several lamps via an auxiliary unit. Choose your Gira dimmer from a variety of design lines.

Colour Variants

Pure white matt
Colour aluminium
Pure white glossy
Cream white glossy

Product Features

Product for lighting control.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Gira System 3000 touch top unit in matt black and Gira Esprit stainless steel.

Convenient dimming: the Gira pushbutton dimmer

It's so easy to create the right lighting effects. Just a light and short tap with a finger is enough to switch the light on or off. If you want to dim the light continuously, a longer touch on the rocker is sufficient. Touching the upper area makes the light brighter and the lower area darker accordingly. You don't want to adjust everything over and over again? Then simply save your favourite lighting scene conveniently.

Gira Dimmer, Pure white glossy; Gira E3, Light grey soft touch/Pure white glossy

The solution for perfect light: the Gira rotary dimmer

Easier and more energy-saving than you think: With the Gira rotary dimmer you can easily dim your light bulbs, halogen and LED lamps by hand, create the right lighting effects in no time at all and save energy all at the same time. The soft start means you can switch on the light gently and thus protect the bulbs. In order to prevent the dimmer from being destroyed in the event of a short circuit or overload, every Gira rotary dimmer is specially protected with electronic short-circuit protection and automatic overtemperature protection.

Gira Rotary Dimmer, Gira Event, Anthracite

One touch always better: the Gira touch dimmer

The Gira touch dimmer responds to a gentle touch because it works with capacitive sensor technology which responds to even the slightest contact. You simply activate it by touch and the last selected brightness level lights up, while a pleasant acoustic signal sounds to confirm this. You decide which lighting effects you would like and simply touch this dimming level – the corresponding LED point on the touch surface. To confirm your choice, the corresponding LED lights up. Of course, you can also switch directly to another dimming setting at any time or make spontaneous selections by sliding your finger over the dimming levels. By touching the lower operating surface for four seconds, the Gira touch dimmer stores the currently set brightness level as a memory value. To switch it on directly later, simply touch the lower button.

Matching design lines as frames

Gira E2

Thanks to its streamlined minimalist design, the timeless and original Gira E2 design line is the perfect complement to a range of interior styles. Choose between the shatter-proof UV-resistant plastic versions in pure white matt, pure white glossy, black matt, aluminium (varnished) and anthracite, or stainless steel.

Gira E3

Rounded corners outside, straight lines inside, combined with a matte silk soft-touch or glossy surface: The Gira E3 design line is an elegant and harmonious addition to any home. The wide range of cover frame colours allows ample scope for design creativity – from minimalist glossy pure white to warm grey tones and subtle browns.

Gira Esprit

Personality is an important component of any room design. With the Gira Esprit design line, you can turn your walls into stylish visual highlights with high-quality materials such as glass, stainless steel, or linoleum-plywood.

Gira Event

With the multi-faceted Gira Event design line and its uniquely rounded frame, you can give free rein to your creativity - and make daily switching an experience.

Gira Standard 55

The impact-resistant plastic processing not only makes the Gira Standard 55 design line resistant, but also low maintenance. Gira Standard 55 is ideal for your basic installation and available in the following colours: Pure white glossy, pure white matt, and cream white glossy.

Gira Studio

Stand out. Dare to try something new. Simply combine classic and avant-garde: The Gira Studio design line adds dashes of style, fitting perfectly with an avant-garde living style. As a trendsetter, Gira has demonstrated a sensitive grasp of innovative design with this design line, without compromising on functionality. Square and round. Black in black, white in white, or do you prefer contrasting black and white? With this design line, it’s up to you to set the stylish tone. As a surface-mounted variant, the Gira Studio design line is often used as a design highlight on the wall in loft apartments.

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