Gira System 3000 room temperature controller

Avail convenient room heating control directly on the Gira System 3000 device or via the System 3000 app.

Control your heating with maximum simplicity and comfort. Gira System 3000 makes it possible for you to fully automate your room temperature. You can warm up your home whenever you want via time-controlled heating control and also make sure that the heating automatically switches off at a pre-set time. This saves energy and enhances your living comfort.

Product Features

Product for room temperature adjustment.

This product can be networked with other products.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product can be controlled with an app via smartphone or tablet.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Set a heating schedule.

The heating control system comes with the possibility of setting separate time periods during which heating is to be provided. This means you can enjoy the optimal room temperature while saving heating costs.

For example, you can schedule the heating period for morning when you wake up to start the day with the ideal room temperature. Also, you can ensure your home is preheated to your favourite temperature settings when you come home from work. In between, the Gira heating control will automatically switch off the radiator to save energy.

Gira System 3000 Raumtemperaturregler
The timeless design of Gira System 3000 heating control comes with the Gira E2 frame.

Control your heating manually on the device or via app.

If you want to switch the heating on or off on days when it’s much colder or warmer than expected, you can manually do that on the device. Here you can also edit schedules, change the temperature or check the current status of your heating system. You can also control your heating and adjust all these settings via the Gira System 3000 app on your smartphone or tablet.

Function meets design in this elegant room thermostat frame.

As part of the System 3000, the heating control top unit is also compatible with numerous frame variants from Gira System 55. So, you can combine the room temperature controller with a colour and design of your choice. Not only this, you can also go for a timeless design with the angular frames of Gira E2 or make your heating control stand out with a striking frame from the Gira Esprit design line.

The digital display makes it easy to check and adjust indoor temperatures.

Smart control for heating, blinds and lighting.

In Gira System 3000, you can also control light and blinds in addition to your heating. The system is therefore ideally suited for making basic settings in the house via the respective control elements.

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