Gira Standard 55

The Gira Standard 55 design line.

Standards can never be set high enough.

The impact-resistant plastic processing not only makes the Gira Standard 55 design line resistant, but also low maintenance. Gira Standard 55 is ideal for your basic installation and available in the following colours: Pure white glossy, pure white matt, and cream white glossy.

Colour Variants

Cream white glossy
Pure white glossy
Pure white matt

Expand and adapt as required.

Thanks to the Gira System 55 you can switch to other Gira design lines such as Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood at any time. Gira Standard 55 is a simple but high-quality design line for basic installation, which can be expanded and adapted as required.

Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted - the solution for retrofitting.

This classic switch is now available in a surface-mounted version. This means you can install it anywhere, even where flush-mounting solutions aren’t an option. Thanks to its compatibility with the Gira System 55, you can also combine this switch with over 300 functional inserts. Overall, this makes the Standard 55 surface-mounted a very flexible and beautiful addition to any room.

Gira Standard 55 mit Aufputzgehäuse
Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted is easy to retrofit.

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