Gira ClassiX

The Gira ClassiX Design Line.

Glamour for your home.

Add a glamorous finishing touch to your stylish interior with the Gira ClassiX design line. With perfectly smooth surfaces, rounded corners and brass or bronze frames, the ClassiX design line will blend in seamlessly with your interior style.

Colour Variants


The Gira ClassiX Art design line.

Sometimes, more is more. Especially with the ClassiX Art. The elegant frames are adorned with detail to create stylish ornamental works of art. Sophisticated details add striking accents to your walls.

Gira Wohnungsstation Video AP im Schalterdesign ClassiX Messing Cremeweiß
Gira Home Station in Gira ClassiX Design.

Other design lines


Gira E3

Designed to touch. A thousand times over. 


Gira Esprit

New accents. New spirit.


Gira Event

More than a switch. An experience.

Gira S-Color, Farbe grau auf weißer Wand

Gira S-Color

Vintage. Yet modern.


Gira Standard 55

Standards can never be set high enough.


Gira Studio

Squaring the circle.

Gira TX_44

Gira Water-protected

Securely sealed. Against oil and water.


Gira E2

The design line with an edge. Contemporary or timeless.

Design Configurator

Quick and Simple: Find the right design for frames, switches and more.