Gira design lines

Gira Esprit

Gira E3

More than just a switch: The most exciting way to switch your lights on, and off again.

In day-to-day life, switches are everywhere. We use them to operate lights, blinds, climate control, music and security systems to enhance our sense of well-being. And if we are going to rely on switches so much, then we really need them to look the part. Gira has eleven different design lines, with cover frames and functional inserts that can easily be combined and interchanged – because all Gira switches, socket outlets, door intercoms, entertainment products and network connections use the same standard dimensions. You can select from a range of switches with over 90 frame variants and 300 different functions, including the design lines Gira Event, Gira Studio, Gira E2, Gira Standard 55 and Gira Esprit. The high-quality designs, colours and materials fit seamlessly into your interior. With the Gira Design Configurator, you can quickly and easily find the frame design that suits your style.