Gira System 3000 touch top unit

Tap and swipe: Control light and blinds intuitively.

Switching without a switch, but with an intuitive touch surface. The Gira System 3000 touch top unit combines classic on and off functions of a switch with a convenient dimming function. So you can not only activate or deactivate light and blinds with a quick touch, but also carry out fine adjustment with a finger swipe.

Colour Variants

Pure white glossy
Pure white matt
Stainless Steel

Product Features

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Product for lighting control.

Product for room temperature adjustment.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Touch-sensitive surfaces with smart functions.

Three touch buttons and a slider surface help you precisely control lighting and blinds. Not only this, you can also use your smartphone to switch the light and blinds on or off.

Fine adjustment can be made with a simple finger swipe up or down: For lighting control, you can use it to regulate the brightness and for blind control, you can determine the exact position of your window shades.

Gira System 3000 Touchaufsatz
Three touch-sensitive buttons and a slider surface allow for precise control of light and blinds.

The memory function never forgets: recall favourite settings with one touch.

Once you have found your ideal brightness or the perfect position of your blinds, you can save them in the touch attachment, thanks to the memory function and call them up, as and when required. A light touch is all it takes to do this.

Subtle statement on the wall: the Gira System 3000 touch top unit with a white Gira E2 frame.

State-of-the-art technology meets high-quality design.

Due to its flat design, the Gira System 3000 touch top unit fits almost seamlessly into the interiors. The illuminated touch surfaces provide a modern appearance and make control in the dark easier.

Compatible with the Gira System 55, the touch top unit can also be combined with the Gira frame variants of your choice and easily adapted to your existing design line at home. Go for a timeless design with the Gira E2, for example, or give the touch top unit even more elegance with the design line, Gira Esprit.

Illuminated touch and slider surfaces allow excellent orientation even in darkness.

The smart addition to the Gira System 3000.

Wish to control light or blinds with the touch top unit? In the Gira System 3000, you can easily switch it with your existing attachments for light and blind control or have it installed additionally.

Matching design lines as frames:

Gira E2

Thanks to its streamlined minimalist design, the timeless and original Gira E2 design line is the perfect complement to a range of interior styles. Choose between the shatter-proof UV-resistant plastic versions in pure white matt, pure white glossy, black matt, aluminium (varnished) and anthracite, or stainless steel.

Gira E3

Rounded corners outside, straight lines inside, combined with a matte silk soft-touch or glossy surface: The Gira E3 design line is an elegant and harmonious addition to any home. The wide range of cover frame colours allows ample scope for design creativity – from minimalist glossy pure white to warm grey tones and subtle browns.

Gira Esprit

Personality is an important component of any room design. With the Gira Esprit design line, you can turn your walls into stylish visual highlights with high-quality materials such as glass, stainless steel, or linoleum-plywood.

Gira Studio

Stand out. Dare to try something new. Simply combine classic and avant-garde: The Gira Studio design line adds dashes of style, fitting perfectly with an avant-garde living style. As a trendsetter, Gira has demonstrated a sensitive grasp of innovative design with this design line, without compromising on functionality. Square and round. Black in black, white in white, or do you prefer contrasting black and white? With this design line, it’s up to you to set the stylish tone. As a surface-mounted variant, the Gira Studio design line is often used as a design highlight on the wall in loft apartments.

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