Gira System 3000 blind control

Control the sunlight with the Gira System 3000.

Light. Dark. Or all the moods in between: Control blinds, shutters and awnings and thus not only regulate the incidence of light in your living spaces, but also stabilise the indoor climate and save energy. Various top units are available in the Gira System 3000 for easy control without physical effort: from manual to Bluetooth top units that can be controlled via app. The special feature of the Gira System 3000: If you have initially decided on a manual operating top unit, you can exchange it for another top unit from the System 3000 at any time. For example, a switch can be transformed into a user-friendly blind timer and timer that you can use to set automatic movement times for your electric blinds. You can also choose from various Gira designs which you can use to adapt all functional top units to your living style.

Product Features

Product for operating blinds, shutters and awnings.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product can be controlled with an app via smartphone or tablet.

Simple operation with just one touch.

Raise or lower your blinds with just one finger: via a simple operating top unit with or without arrow symbols. Even with these two basic variants you can determine your favourite position for the blind. Comfortable and efficient: With the Gira System 3000 blind controller, individual or multiple blinds can be controlled via a switch – even over entire floors.

Gira rocker switch without and with arrow symbols, Gira E2 flat installation, colour pure white.

Up and down – at the same time every day.

Would you like a little more comfort? The Gira System 3000 operating top unit Memory stores fixed times at which your electrical blinds and shutters are automatically raised and lowered. Simply at the touch of a button, without complex programming. With this you can go on holiday with peace of mind because it looks like there is always someone at home.

Gira rocker switch without and with arrow symbols, Gira E2 flat installation, colour pure white.

Gira System 3000 Display blind timer with integrated astro function.

Touch-sensitive buttons make operating the Gira System 3000 Display blind timer pleasantly easy. The illuminated display shows all settings clearly legibly. You can raise or lower the blind to any position for appropriate privacy and sun protection. You can make fixed time settings via the control menu or by simply pressing a button. If you prefer to follow nature, your blinds will adapt dynamically to sunrise and sunset with the Gira System 3000 thanks to the astro function.

Convenient blind control via app.

Blind control works via the smartphone or tablet thanks to the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth blind timer. Operate your blinds conveniently from the sofa with the Gira app and keep a clear overview of the various setting options. Especially convenient: Time programs already created can be easily copied for other blinds.

A perfect match: Gira System 3000 blind control and the Gira E3 design line.

Control your room temperature as well.

You can also maintain the perfect room temperature with Gira System 3000. Thanks to the addition of a room temperature controller with an integrate temperature sensor, seamless heating control is now a part of Gira System 3000. This means far more comfort such as timer-controlled temperature regulation for each individual room, a “Holiday Mode” with up to 40 different timers. Control and timing can be done in your home or even via Bluetooth.

Other blind control products

Gira G1

Random switching operations for lights and blinds create the impression that someone is at home. And if you integrate the room temperature controller into the control unit, you can easily set your individual room temperature.

Gira pushbutton sensor 3

Controlling lighting and blinds, regulating the room temperature, or storing and calling up complete mood scenes consisting of light, blinds and music – with the Gira pushbutton sensor 3 you can conveniently control a multitude of functions at the push of a button.

Gira HomeServer

Customise each moment: with the Gira HomeServer, you can easily put complex scenarios into practice. Even garden irrigation and smart speakers can be integrated into the system. All transmission is, of course, encrypted.

Gira X1

The Gira X1 was developed specifically for Smart Homes with a KNX network. It enables you to connect a variety of devices and monitor automated processes via app. Minimum effort for maximum comfort.


Whether you live in a period property or a new build, or are a home-owner or a tenant: The eNet wireless system enables you to control a Smart Home of up to 120 square metres conveniently and intuitively. Whether you’re at home or on the road. Now and in the future. The eNet Smart Home also enables data secure remote access - this has been tested for security by the Association for Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology.

Gira rocker switch for manual blind control

The Gira rocker switch for electric blinds, shutters and awnings is ideal for smaller homes and single rooms. The arrow symbols on two separate rockers indicate how to raise or lower your blinds to any position. Like all Gira products, the Gira rocker switch for manual blind control is available in a range of different designs.

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