Gira KNX System

Controlling building services via cable – when the room understands people.

Make your house smarter. So that it fulfils your every wish. For more convenience and quality of life. For more security. And even saves energy in the process. All this is made possible thanks to the Gira KNX system – the smart solution for home automation that opens up a whole new dimension of modern living.

Gira Home App KNX auf Tablet
You control all devices in the KNX system via the control panel.

How the Gira KNX system works.

KNX systems are the worldwide standard in building automation. Hundreds of manufacturers, such as Sony and Siemens, are a part of this standard with their own products.

The basis is a green cable that is laid in addition to the conventional power line in the case of a new building or renovation, in order to network the various KNX-capable elements of the home automation system with each other. The cable system is supplemented by matching sensors, receivers and displays. Once everything is installed, the devices can communicate with each other. Displays such as the Gira G1 operating device are used for presetting and controlling the electrical installations connected to the KNX system.

KNX cable.

Future-proof and flexible. 

In addition to blinds, light and heating, other technologies (door intercom systems, alarm and audio systems or sanitary and entertainment systems) can be seamlessly integrated into the smart home in the Gira KNX system. Once it has been installed, the system can be easily expanded or, if desired, reprogrammed by a qualified electrician. This way it adapts flexibly to your living and working situation.

Gira door intercom system 106.

Have everything under control – at home and when away.

For more complex buildings, the Gira X1 Mini-Server or the larger Gira HomeServer are useful elements in the KNX system in order to simplify the configuration of home automation. They function like higher-level central control units and ensure that all components networked via KNX communicate reliably with each other. Thanks to an internet connection, all functions can be clearly operated via various Gira display devices or via app – regardless of whether you are at home or away.

Gira G1 im Wohnzimmer
The Gira G1 serves as the central control element in the KNX system.

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