Charge your phone wirelessly: The Gira radio and docking station

Charge your phone wirelessly: The Gira radio and docking station

Charge your smartphone in style – without any tangled cables. And enjoy music at the same time.

  • The Gira docking station charges your phone wirelessly.
  • No need to use a cable to charge your phone.
  • Play music on the station via Bluetooth.
Charge your mobile phone and enjoy a host of other convenient functions with the Gira docking station.

A friend has invited you round for coffee. When you visit, you take back the phone charging cable that she’s left at your place so many times before. With a proud flourish, you produce the cable from your bag. But rather than thanking you, your friend grabs her phone and taps on the display. Music starts playing. Your friend points to the stylish Gira docking station and tells you that it can be used not only to play music via Bluetooth, but also to charge her phone wirelessly. Smart. A great idea for you too, you think.

The Gira radio with docking station, Gira E2, colour pure white glossy.

A radio with phone charging station.

The premium-design, practical Gira radio with docking station is wall-mounted just like a light switch or a socket outlet to save space. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can easily play music from your smartphone or tablet without having to connect your device with a cable. And with the docking station, you won’t have to constantly search for your charging cable. Just place your phone on the docking station and allow your phone to charge wirelessly.

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