Interview with Gira product designers: the versatility of the new Gira E2 in grey matt.

Interview with Gira product designers: the versatility of the new Gira E2 in grey matt.

What is the best way to combine Gira E2 in grey matt, and which furnishing styles does the design line in the new colour go best with? Hans-Jörg Müller, Head of Product and Design at Gira, and Gira product designer Frank Gediger provide tips on how to attractively present Gira E2 in grey matt.

Fits in everywhere: Gira E2 in grey matt.

Straight lines and a minimalist design language – thanks to its adaptability, the Gira E2 design fits naturally into your home. With the new grey matt colour option, the design now also matches furnishing styles that consciously use muted colours.

The origin of Gira E2

Gira E2 was launched in 1998 together with the Gira Event design line. These two ranges had very different frames but used identical centre inserts, which was the starting point for System 55. This idea of a platform strategy was new at the time, but today it’s practically an industry standard.

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Gira editors: The Gira E2 design line is already available in a range of classic colours, including black matt, pure white glossy and stainless steel. What inspired you to add grey matt to the design line?

Gediger: There has been a trend towards less color in interiors for some time. Even colours are moving more and more towards the grey. So it was only logical to offer Gira E2 in a pure shade of grey. It’s a color tone that beautifully underscores the simplicity of the design.

Gira E2 as a flat flush-mounted version with straight rocker, available in pure white glossy, pure white matt, aluminium (lacquered), stainless steel, anthracite, black matt and grey matt.

Gira editors: Do you have any tips on other colours that look good in combination with grey matt?
Gediger: This colour can generally be combined very well. The neutrality of the grey tone makes Gira E2 conceivable in a wide variety of environments and it can be combined very well with almost any color. Within our range of frames, Gira E2 and Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood anthracite make harmonious combinations, for example.

Gira E2 in grey can be combined with almost all colors and is particularly effective in modern and minimalist environments.

Frank Gediger, Product Designer


Gira editors: What about interior styles? Where do you think Gira E2 grey matt looks particularly good?

Gediger: Basically, it can be said that the product is more suited to modern, reduced, functional environments than to very grand or decorative areas.

Ideal for minimalist and reduced furnishing styles: Gira E2 in matt gray in combination with the Gira System 3000 touch top unit for light and blind control. Interior for Gira E2 grey matt.

Gira editors: Finally, can you give us a preview of upcoming color options?
Müller: We always keep an eye on colors. Of course we’re also thinking about it at Gira. However, the next addition to the color portfolio won’t be with E2.

Thank you for the interview.

Upgrade your home – with the Gira E2 design classic.

Do you like Gira E2 in grey matt? Or do you think that another color would suit your interior better? Then take a closer look at Gira E2 on the product page. For more information, contact your local certified Gira installer.

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