Keeping burglars out with KNX: at the push of a (panic) button .

Keeping burglars out with KNX: at the push of a (panic) button .

With over 64 % of burglaries happening while people are still on the property, a button that quickly activates your custom alarm scene can protect you from any severe damage.

Preventing burglaries with smart solutions.

A smart alarm may include turning on the lights and raising the blinds to prevent potential burglaries. Such a scene can be activated by a KNX programmed switch, the so-called panic button. This button enhances your home security based on the KNX system.

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Gira Infographic: 8 burglarie facts & Smart Home security.

Why do more burglaries happen during the winter?

Covid-19 has brought many challenges, from complicated restrictions in everyday life to economic uncertainty. These stress factors – along with people storing lots of expensive gifts at home over the holidays – led to an increase of residential break-ins over December and January

According to Crimestoppers UK, the number of burglaries go up by one third whenever the clocks go back. Throughout 2021 however, the total amount of reported crimes has decreased because of measures and regulations that led to people spending more time at home.

Gira KNX panic button – your Smart Home security.

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The recent increase of break-ins makes protecting yourself and your house even more important. One measure that the KNX Smart Home offers is a custom scene instructing all lights to turn on one by one and the blinds to open so that it seems as if people are waking up. The scene can be programmed with different smart “activators” such as the KNX button. This button is therefore called "panic button” – the first step in setting up your smart alarm.  

Smart outdoor sensors for burglar protection.

To further raise the level of security at home, you can combine the KNX button with smart outdoor motion sensors. These will detect unwanted visitors when they approach your property and pre-emptively scare off burglars.

With automated schedules, you can also simulate your presence in the house during times when you are on the road or on vacation: the second step in upgrading your Smart Home security.

Staying safe.

Living in a Smart Home, you are much less likely to fall victim to a burglary – thanks to features such as presence simulation and custom scenes controlled by the Gira panic button. You can see this live on site at the Experience Center in Veenendaal, the Netherlands: or take a virtual tour to get a first impression.

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