Smart Home retrofit: from one room to the whole house.

Smart Home retrofit: from one room to the whole house.

Transform your house into a practical Smart Home by replacing your conventional switches with ones that can control the lights, blinds and heating – without tearing up the walls. It’s all made possible by the Gira System 3000, which allows you to retrofit your own Smart Home with very little effort on your part. Thanks to its flexible installation, it's up to you whether to make your whole home smart all at once or whether to go about it step by step.

  • Why retrofitting a Smart Home is so easy
  • How the Gira System 3000 works
  • What you need to retrofit a Smart Home

Retrofitting a Smart Home without drilling and dust.

If you want a Smart Home, it's best to plan it when building the house or the next time you decorate. However, if you already live in a furnished house or apartment, retrofitting a Smart Home is slightly more complex. For KNX, you would have to drill cable routes in the walls. The Gira eNet Smart HOME does not need wiring, but it does require the installation of a server and some technical know-how in order to operate it.

In contrast, the Gira System 3000 requires neither additional cables nor a server. That’s because the smart technology is in the switch itself and the required connections are already in your walls. These basics are enough to give you smart control of lights, blinds and heating with the Gira System 3000.

Smart blind control for retrofitting: all you need is a function insert, a switch frame of your choice and an operating top unit – just like the Gira System 3000 blind timer and timer display shown here.

Flexible and individual retrofitting: you decide how smart it should be.

What if you don’t want to completely retrofit your home, but only upgrade certain rooms? Then you can benefit from the flexibility of the Smart Home for retrofitting. You can carry out the following basic functions with the Gira System 3000:

For example, you can fit the Gira System 3000 in the rooms where you spend a lot of time, such as the living room or study. In your other rooms, where smart convenience isn’t as important, you can leave your conventional switches in place or upgrade later.

How does the Smart Home for retrofitting work?

In the Gira System 3000, every switch acts as a kind of mini Smart Home: functions such as the timer, astro function or remote control by smartphone are processed directly in the switching insert fitted in the flush-mounted box. This is why each switch in the Gira System 3000 functions autonomously. A network with a central server, as with KNX and the Gira eNet SMART HOME, is not necessary. Instead, a Bluetooth signal enables direct connection between a smartphone or tablet and the switches.

This functionality gives you the flexibility to retrofit additional switches from the Gira System 3000 independently of existing installations.

Staying flexible: how to operate the Smart Home for retrofitting.

Whether for lighting, heating or blinds – with the Gira System 3000 you can control your devices either directly at the switch or remotely via the Gira Bluetooth app. This allows you more flexibility in everyday life: if you’re in a hurry, simply press the switch; if you've made yourself comfortable on the sofa, you can conveniently control it using your smartphone or tablet without having to get up.

The app not only functions as a simple remote control, but also as the control centre. Here you can set schedules and control the brightness, temperature and the blind position with just a swipe of your finger.

Touch control is not only possible with your smartphone. Thanks to its touch-sensitive surface, the Gira System 3000 touch top unit offers the same modern operating concept on the wall. This means you can control your lights and blinds via the switches just as intuitively as on your smartphone – just tap your finger to switch them on and off. You can adjust the brightness or the position of the blinds by swiping up and down on the surface of the switch.

Three touch points and a swipe surface allow you to precisely control your lighting.

Getting started is easy: retrofitting a Smart Home can be so simple.

If you want to retrofit a Smart Home, it can be done easily and without dust and drilling. With the Gira System 3000, you only need to replace your switches to enjoy smart convenience.

Checklist: how to retrofit the Gira System 3000.

  • Decide how many conventional switches you want to replace.
  • Ask a specialist partner in your area for advice and choose the products you need together (go to search).
  • Decide which switching top unit you want, for example a timer display, touch surface or switch rocker.
  • Select the frame that you think looks best from the Gira System 55.
  • Your installer will replace the switches for you - then you have smart control over your home.
Timer, touch top unit or switch rocker? Choose the type of switch you prefer.

Which switch would you like to retrofit your home with? You can get help deciding and more information about the Gira System 3000 on the product page and here in our brochure.