Smart Home lighting: Smart light with Gira motion detectors

Smart Home lighting: Smart light with Gira motion detectors

Deters potential intruders and welcomes you home: Control the lighting in and around your home with Gira technology. With creativity and complete flexibility.

  • Deter intruders with Gira motion detectors and illuminate the path for welcome guests.
  • Control your lighting with the Gira app.
  • Light up the dark with Gira LED orientation lights.
Gira automatic control switches can be used indoors and outdoors in combination with the TX_44 design line.

Intruders love the dark.

You come home after a tiring day at work, open a bottle of wine and sit back to enjoy a little peace and quiet. But what was that? There’s a suspicious rustling sound in the garden. An animal maybe? But just then, the lights come on to illuminate the property. You’ve protected your home with Gira motion detectors. Your smart home lighting creates a feeling of security and reassurance – especially when you’re on your own.

Gira light profiles bathe your garden and outdoor areas in atmospheric light during the evening.

Get home safely with Gira smart home lighting.

You get a taxi home after a party one night. The whole street is dark. Luckily, the driver stops directly in front of your door. You get out and make your way towards your home. The lights come on. Because you’ve installed motion detectors all around your property. Once you’re safely inside, the light automatically switches off again.

Gira Home App Lichtsteuerung auf englisch
With the Gira app, you can conveniently switch lights on and off or dim them to the level you require.

Beauty and intelligence.

You’ve put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful contemporary interior. In your home, everything has a place and every little accessory – down to the vase of flowers on the coffee table – is perfectly coordinated with your colour scheme. In this tasteful room concept, lighting design also plays an important role. In your cosy living room, you prefer indirect smart home lighting; in the dining room, you want a clear, bright light. But anyone who thinks achieving this kind of setup is hard work is mistaken. Using the Gira app, you’ve stored all your settings and can even control your blinds, heating and multimedia devices from one convenient, central place.

Gira orientation lights help you to see where you’re going at night.

Enhanced safety in the dark – to help you rest easy at night.

You have young children in the home, so you’ve installed Gira orientation lights. A friend told you about them. The lights have quickly proven themselves to be very useful, because now even your youngest child can make his own way to the toilet at night without waking you up. And the lights aren’t just helping him to find his way – they are also helping him with his fear of the dark too.

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