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What can a Smart Home do in 2021?

What can a Smart Home do in 2021?

What is smart? What is a Smart Home? What can a Smart Home do? Many questions arise with this complex topic. That’s why we explain all that a Smart Home can do in 2021.

What is “smart”?

According to the online glossary Cognizant, a smart product is “a connected product that is linked so it can share information about itself, its environment and its users”. To give some examples: this could be an intelligent server to control your lighting via app, or a dimmer that automatically sets the mood according to your preferred setting.

What is a “Smart Home”?

A Smart Home, on the other hand, combines multiple smart products to make daily life as comfortable as possible. Your day could start with automated scenes that complement your routines perfectly: turning on lights in the right places, raising the blinds, and playing your favourite radio programme.


Smart Homes are mentioned in the same breath as IoT (Internet of Things). This term refers to Products that are able to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet and other system (i.e. A coffeemaker that can be connected through WiFi to set perfect coffee when you wake up). These products are often known as smart products that can connect to your home.

What can a Smart Home do, exactly?

Do you know how many devices can be connected – also via app – to support you in everyday life? It might be hard to imagine how many of products are actually compatible with smart systems. A Smart Home can be controlled via app, a wireless network, or a wired installation (known as KNX). To give you a more precise idea of everything a Smart Home can do in 2021, here’s a list of the most important functions.

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What are the most important functions of a Smart Home in 2021?

1. Smart Home with intelligent lighting

The first step to set up a Smart Home is installing automated lighting control. This will help you create the right mood – gentle lighting in the morning, or a cosy ambience in the evening. At night, smart motion sensors will subtly illuminate the floor on your way to the kitchen or bathroom. Throughout your house, you can control your lights with smart switches or simply via app.  

2. Smart Home with intelligent blinds

Another useful feature is smart blind control. Depending on your preferences, there are smart switches or wireless options. There’s also the option to program automatic schedules – for example, you might want the blinds to be raised five minutes before your alarm goes off. This way, you’ll be woken up gently and fully rested by the sunlight.

3. Smart Home with Intelligent heating & air conditioning

Gira home automation systems include smart heating controllers. These send a signal to your heating system to ensure pleasant temperatures at all times. There are several control units that allow you to regulate the indoor climate via app. This not only makes home life more convenient – it also helps you save energy and thus reduce running costs. Hence, smart technology is beneficial for both the environment and your bank account.

4. Smart Home with intelligent door communication

Smart solutions prove just as convenient in outdoor areas. Apart from intelligent lighting that illuminates your pathway automatically, there are also practical devices for your entrance. A smart door intercom will instantly show you who’s waiting at your doorstep – while you can stay on your comfy couch. That way, unwanted visitors are kept outside, protecting both your house and your family.

5. IFTTT and system integration for your Smart Home

In order to set up a complete Smart Home, you first need to find the system that suits your needs best – based on desired functions or budget limits. There are many different suppliers available – the key questions is always whether (and how) their smart products can be connected to your preferred system.


By way of example, you can install a KNX system at your house. This enables you to control your Smart Home with one central unit or remotely via app. Once your home is fully connected, you can create scenes of your preferred settings, combining all smart products through an IFTTT connection. Then you’ll be able to activate a variety of devices and functions with just a few taps or swipes.

Rounding up what a Smart Home can do in 2021.

All in all, there are too many functions to name – and new ones are created every day.

All in all, there are too many functions to name – and new ones are created every day. The most important ones include lighting, blinds, heating, and door communication. You can choose among various control options, depending on your daily routine and your budget.

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