Flexible lighting right from your socket outlet: Plug & Light featured by Gira

Flexible lighting right from your socket outlet: Plug & Light featured by Gira

Plug & Light featured by Gira was designed with flexibility in mind – so you can swap and change your light attachments to suit your mood. With an intuitive connection system and dimmable LED lights, Plug & Light featured by Gira allows you to create the perfect lighting concept for any scenario.

  • Intuitive connection system for maximum ease of use.
  • Individual light scenes with dimmable spotlights and wall luminaires.
  • Different lighting concepts in every room.
  • Compatible with all standard European one-gang boxes.
Gira Plug & Light am Bett
Plug & Light featured by Gira fits in any room, making it easy to add a reading lamp to your bedroom.

Light has never been more agile – thanks to our unique Plug & Light connection system.

Want to relax a little and get away from your desk? Or change the mood in your living room? With Plug & Light featured by Gira, you can relocate your home office to your sofa or swap your living room spotlights for subtle wall luminaires whenever you want – giving you complete flexibility to create your own lighting concept to suit your mood.

There are two Gira light attachments to choose from: A spotlight for direct illumination and a wall luminaire for indirect lighting. With the infinitely adjustable 360° attachments, you can adjust the angle of the light to your needs.

The spotlight also allows you to customise the light colour: With an adjustment range of 2700 to 4000 Kelvin, you can create a warm and cosy atmosphere or energising bright white light – enabling you to switch seamlessly from relaxation to work.

Stay flexible: A lighting concept to suit any space.

Traditional light installations are generally designed around the function of a room: Offices are usually brightly illuminated, while dining rooms are fitted with softer, more atmospheric lighting. In your living room, the lighting needs to be cosy and relaxing – and ideally dimmed.

Once your lighting installation is complete, it will generally remain unchanged for years to come. But what if you feel like working from your sofa one day rather than at your desk? And what if you need to quickly create a romantic atmosphere for dinner?

While traditional installations usually only offer you two options – “on” or “off” – Plug & Light featured by Gira transforms any room into a multifunctional space with a fully flexible lighting concept. Simply connect the attachment you need to the socket outlet, change the angle and direction of the light to suit your needs and fine-tune the brightness and light colour. It’s that easy to create your own personal light scene – for your living room sofa, your dining room table, or anywhere else in your home.

Easy installation fits in any one-gang box.

Plug & Light featured by Gira is flexible and intuitive in everyday use. But it was also designed to be easy for your professional electrician to install – and simple for you to plan. The Plug & Light socket outlet can be installed anywhere that you would install a traditional European one-gang box.

And it’s equipped with a number of other handy features, too: If there is no light attachment in the socket outlet, the protective extra-low voltage of 12 volts means that the socket is completely safe to touch. If you want to prevent your children from taking attachments out of the sockets, simply activate the disassembly safeguard using the mechanical lock to secure the attachment in the light socket outlet.

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