Transform your home office with these 7 Gira products

Transform your home office with these 7 Gira products

Time to transform your home office into an oasis of productivity. Choose from stylish switches, easily adjustable lighting and smart, connected workstations. Gira now offers you numerous exciting options for delivering a productive and efficient work environment that meets your requirements. Take a look and get inspired by these selected products for the perfect home office.

1. Flexible & chic: The Gira USB power supply for your smartphone.

Charge your smartphone quickly and easily, no extra connections required. Just plug your smartphone straight into the socket. With a classic USB A port compatible with most older devices, this power supply also easily accommodates newer devices with the futureproof USB C slot. Thanks to a speedy charging function with a 3000 mAh, your smartphone, tablet and other devices can spring back to life within minutes.

Gira Produkt USB Spannungsversorgung
The Gira USB power supply A & C fits seamlessly into your home office.

2. A multifunctional wonder for your home office: Gira Profile 55.

Need to install additional socket outlets in your home office? Maybe you need a bit of music while you work? Then Gira Profile 55 is the answer. This aluminium multifunctional strip can be easily retrofitted onto the wall or onto your desk. It can be expanded with up to eight socket outlets and the Gira radio.

Gira Profil 55 mit Einsätzen
The multifunctional Profile 55 can be equipped with switches and other components. Choose from more than 230 different functions.

3. Illumination, right at your desk: Gira Plug & Light.

The right lighting can do wonders for your productivity. Perhaps a focused reading light, or maybe even more subtle, indirect lighting? The Gira Plug & Light with dimmable LEDs provides the ideal lighting scenario for your work area. Flexible adjustment to your preferences is simple. You can choose to attach the Plug & Light spotlight or the Plug & Light floodlight. What’s more, they can be switched out with one another at any time. Simply remove and reattached at needed. You can also do this with the 360° rotatable lamps.

Gira Plug & Light Anwendung Hotelzimmer
Elegant design, high luminosity: Plug & Light serves as the ideal reading and working light, with adjustable brightness.

4. A modern look for your office: Visually enhance your workplace with the Gira E2 design line.

Work becomes so much easier in a beautiful environment, doesn't it? With the elegant Gira E2 design line, you can accentuate the design and feel of your home office. With a clear and reduced look, you'll benefit from a modern touch that fits in seamlessly thanks to timeless colours like anthracite or stainless steel. It's quite the eye-catcher, too: something to subtly show off in your video calls. The Gira E2 not only looks good, of course, but it is also pleasant to the touch. Even switching the light on becomes a small highlight of the workday.

Gira E2 Schalter Edelstahl für Heizung, Jalousien und Licht
Set beautiful colour accents in your home with the Gira E2.

5. Smart door communication right at your desk with the Gira DCS mobile app.

Chat to visitors at the front door without even leaving your desk. All thanks to the Gira DCS mobile app, where you can maintain an overview of whoever rings the bell. Straight from your home office.

This practical solutions for smartphones and tablets is the ideal extension for existing door intercoms, allowing easier communication with visitors. With the app, you can easily take photos and keep track of your visitors that way. Should a delivery person stop by with a package, you can simply greet them and even open the door. Right from your desk.

6. An outdoor home office in the open air, made possible with Gira socket outlets.

Working outdoors in good weather is a treat. Thanks to outdoor socket outlets from Gira, you can keep your power levels at maximum charge. Even out in the fresh air, there’s no danger of your battery running low. Thanks to this secure power supply, you can enjoy maximum flexibility in your back garden and concentrate on work.

A home office in the garden: The water-protected outdoor socket outlets from Gira ensure a reliable power supply.

7. The smart home duo for more complex home office functions: Gira X1 and Gira G1.

Perhaps you want the benefits of a professional home office and a cosy living space under one roof. That’s where a smart home comes into play, allowing you to implement the most demanding of applications. Using the Gira X1 server, you control not only individual components of your home office such as lights and blinds but keep your entire home under digital control. And, thanks to the integrated IFTTT interface you’ve also got the option of integrating any device with a corresponding IFTTT compatibility into your smart home. This lets you customise and combine functions as you need.

Need the lights on, heating up and the coffee brewing in the kitchen before you start the workday? No problem. With IFTTT (if this, then that), you can easily set these if-then functions. Your vacuum cleaner robot can even get to work, and have the lights go out when you leave. While you can set automatic functions, you can also customise each setting of your smart home with the Gira G1 control unit.

Gira X1 Schwarz
The compact Gira X1 transforms not only your home office, but your entire home, into a smart home.

Enhance your home office with Gira products, optically and functionally.

Maybe you just want to upgrade your home office a little with a practical USB power supply or the Gira E2 switch. Perhaps you even want to make it completely smart with the Gira X1. Whatever you need, Gira offers the right solution for every requirement, preference and environment. Why not add a new switch to your home office today and enjoy a chic, modern and efficient design in your home work space?