Equipped for the future: A unique terraced property

Equipped for the future: A unique terraced property

Intelligent terraced house: With modern technology, this property was transformed into a smart home.

  • Intelligent terraced house in a new-build development in Erlangen.
  • Gira HomeServer connects a semi-detached property to transform it into a KNX smart home.
  • Pushbutton sensors and automatic control switches boost comfort and convenience.
  • The Gira HomeServer app can be used to remotely control all KNX components from mobile devices.
  • The Gira home station with speakerphone function adds another layer of security.;

A small energy-efficient, future-proof and comfortable house with a garden – that was the wishlist of the owner of this home in Erlangen. He was able to create his dream home in the form of a smart semi-detached property in a row of terraces.

Cleverly connected, high quality of life, optimum energy efficiency: A photovoltaic system supplies the smart home with self-generated green energy.

As a passionate amateur chef, the kitchen was particularly important to the owner of this two-storey home. The kitchen opens out into the dining and living area, bringing together the entire family in a single shared space. Coloured background lighting works with the entertainment systems to set the mood. To match the decor, the Gira Esprit glass design line frames the Gira pushbutton switches and other fixed operating elements for the smart home technology.

The Gira pushbutton sensors in Gira Esprit glass switch design can be programmed with custom functions by the residents and used to call up their own preconfigured scenes at the touch of a button.

Flexible control: With the Gira HomeServer on board, the semi-detached home is equipped for the future.

All of the technical components are linked via a KNX system, which sends out data that converges on the Gira HomeServer. It connects the KNX system's electrical installation to the computer network and the internet. As a result, the owner can control all of the technology in the home with complete flexibility via a smartphone or tablet, and can also adjust functions remotely using the Gira HomeServer app. At home, too, the smart semi-detached is designed for maximum convenience: Using the Gira pushbutton sensors on the wall, the residents can switch off all of the lights and standby devices in the house with a single button. In the hallways, Gira automatic control switches switch on the lights in specific areas when motion is detected. A Gira video door communication system is also integrated into the property, so that the residents always know who is at the door. The multi-room system plays music in every room from central audio sources.

The use of renewable energy sources ensures not only that the home is comfortable, but also efficient.

The photovoltaic system on the flat roof helps to reduce the energy costs of the home. On particularly sunny days, the system feeds excess energy back into the grid, generating revenue for the owners of the property. The energy system, too, is integrated into the KNX network, enabling the owner to keep an eye on the family's district heating and energy consumption and how much energy the photovoltaic system is generating via the Gira user interface. If any functions prove impractical in the future, a specialist electrical system integrator can reprogram this connection at any time, and can even add new logical functions remotely.

Fotos: Ulrich Beuttenmüller for Gira

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