Smart Home comfort: Chelsea residence

Smart Home comfort: Chelsea residence

From period property to exclusive Smart Home: thanks to Gira technology, the Chelsea Residence is equipped for the future.

  • An exclusive home with 260 square metres of living space in an affluent district of London
  • The Gira X1 mini server bundles all the benefits of visualisation, programming and automation of your intelligent building technology.
  • The Gira X1 app allows all KNX components to be controlled from mobile devices. ;In combination with the Gira surface-mounted video door station, the multifunctional central operating unit becomes a convenient door intercom system.

From Oscar Wilde, Bob Marley and Mark Knopfler to Gwyneth Paltrow and Vivienne Westwood, countless famous names from the music and arts scenes have made the affluent neighbourhood of Chelsea in West London their home. The King's Road thoroughfare – built in the 17th century – was the starting point for this historic district, which was a prominent centre for the capital's hippy and punk subcultures of the 1960s and 70s. Against this historical background, a new architectural highlight has been created following an extensive programme of renovation works: The Chelsea Residence. Modernised with a holistic technology concept, the smart

The consistent colour scheme ensures flowing transitions between the open-plan living areas.

Puristic elegance in a sophisticated setting: Simple colours frame the luxurious, homely decor.

A minimalist colour palette and largely monochrome design dominate the interior of the 260-square-metre home. The style continues into the kitchen, up the staircase and into the bedroom. Understated Gira pushbutton sensors from the Gira E22 design line and modern touch displays for intuitive building control fit seamlessly into the harmonious design.

A small server for great expectations: Gira technology turned a period home into a smart home.

All of the technology in the living area is networked via a KNX system in combination with the Gira X1. The compact mini server is space-saving and quick to install and commission, making it ideal for use in family homes. It acts as a smart interface to simplify the process of digital automation and visualisation of all building technology. Using the Gira X1 app, the owners can start light scenes remotely, raise and lower the blinds, control their music system and adjust the room temperature. Timers for presence simulation and practical automated functions can also be configured in the app with just a few clicks.

The wall-mounted Gira pushbutton sensors provide convenient and instantaneous control. Individual functions and scenes can be called up with touch via the Gira G1 central control unit.

In the living area, four multifunctional operating units are also installed on the wall: By touching the multi-touch display, the users can call up and adjust individual functions and scenes. In combination with the Gira DCS-IP gateway device interface and the Gira surface-mounted video door station in stainless steel, the Gira G1 becomes an intelligent intercom with video function. When the doorbell rings, the device automatically changes over into intercom mode. Thanks to the live camera images, the residents can be certain that the door is only opened to welcome guests.

Photos: Jonathan Bond

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