Security in a cube house in Schwabmünchen: Smart Gira technology only opens the door to authorised visitors

Security in a cube house in Schwabmünchen: Smart Gira technology only opens the door to authorised visitors

Fingerprint or speakerphone function: The Gira Keyless In fingerprint and the Gira Door Station ensure that only welcome guests get into the home.

  • With Gira door intercom systems, you can see who is at the door from any floor
  • With smart home technology, Gira door intercom systems can be integrated into a wider security solution
  • The Gira door station is waterproof and UV-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use

This modern Schwabmünchen cube house owned by a Bavarian family is a true architectural gem. The two-storey building with white exterior walls and dark door and window frames has a luxury aesthetic reminiscent of a minimalist building. Its position is also somewhat remote, so a comprehensive security system was very important for its owners.

Weißes Haus in Würfeloptik am Waldrand im Dunkeln
The cube house in Schwabmünchen is monitored by external cameras and video communication systems. Source: Gira

A unique security concept for a remote home.

Thanks to the large windows on the south and west faces of the building, the home appears to flow seamlessly into the adjacent woodland. The family wanted these windows to benefit from sunlight to heat the building – but it does mean that the garden gate is left a little isolated, making it easier for potential intruders to access. With this in mind, the family opted for a unique security concept.

Hidden in the woodland: Two Gira door intercoms with cameras provide an overview of the property.

The owners fitted two Gira door communication systems with different functions: One on the main door and one on the garden gate. The door intercoms ensure that the residents can communicate with guests at two different locations on the property.

A particular highlight for the young family is that the Gira door station can be used to combine multiple functions. In addition to the standard doorbell and microphone, they equipped the door intercom at the main entrance with colour camera, and fitted a Gira Keyless In fingerprint sensor to the station on the garden gate.

Gira Türstation mit Mikrofon, Klingel und Fingerprint
The Gira Keyless In fingerprint can optionally be integrated in the Gira door station.

Gira Keyless In fingerprint: Never have to search for your keys again.

The keyless entry door system Keyless In fingerprint works exclusively using the fingerprints of the residents of the property. When one of them wants to enter, the Keyless In fingerprint compares recognised features of their print with the stored biometric fingerprints, only opening the door if it confirms a match. This ensures that unwanted guests have no chance of gaining entry. There's a handy side effect, too: Forgetting your key is no longer an issue.

Cameras integrated into the smart home solution.

The owners also opted to install external cameras to monitor the property. If the family wants to check that no-one is creeping around their home, they can call up the camera footage on the smart display inside the home or on their smartphone at any time. The outdoor cameras and door intercom with video are integrated into a smart home solution. With a few taps on one of the smart Gira Control 19 touch screens, the residents can call up footage from the external cameras or the door intercoms at the entrances to the home. The displays are mounted on the wall and feature a clear, easy-to-understand user interface.

Wohnzimmer vom weißen Haus in Würfeloptik
Keeping an eye on the entrance points: From the kitchen, the family can see the gate to their property. Source: Gira

Call up camera footage using the Gira HomeServer app.

The family members can enjoy the same levels of convenience when they aren't at home: If they want to access their camera footage remotely, they can do so via the Gira HomeServer app. The user interface is exactly the same as the one they use at home. And if they spot anything untoward on the images, they can take action immediately.

HomeServer App für die Jalousiesteuerung von draußen
The user interface of the Gira HomeServer looks exactly the same on a smartphone as it does on the Control Client. Source: Gira

Real-time image transmission thanks to Gira HomeServer.

When the house was built, the networking of the various smart home applications was factored into the plans: Not just the security systems, but also the lighting and blinds are controllable elements of the comprehensive smart home solution, the KNX system, in this cube house.

For control purposes, the system relies on a small server that connects all of the smart technology in the home. This role is fulfilled by the elegant, smooth stainless steel Gira HomeServer at the heart of the KNX system. In the cube house, the control device is mounted in the living room.

Elegant and stylish: The smooth stainless steel surface of the Gira HomeServer harmonises with the contemporary interior. Source: Gira

The cameras and door intercoms not only create a feeling of security, but are also a huge help in the event of a break-in. The camera images can be used to identify suspicious people and assist in the search for the perpetrators.

The KNX system – a smart home solution from Gira – allows the Gira door intercoms to be easily and conveniently integrated into the home's own security system.

In the cube house, the residents can access their camera footage at any time – either via the touch screen in the house or using the Gira app on their smartphone. This enables them to see who is at the door from any location.

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