Mobile small-space living: The flexible Gira KNX system in a tiny house.

The way we are living is changing at a rapid pace: Flexibility is growing in importance, and fewer people are choosing to tie themselves into home-ownership – because buying or building a home often means staying in the same place for a long time. The tiny house trend offers a solution for this problem: As early as the 1920s, American architects were attempting to combine the mobility offered by a car with the comforts of a home. They produced designs for small, mobile rooms, created to match a dynamic lifestyle. These mobile living rooms have now developed into entire homes on wheels, which are so complex in design that they are suitable for a fully mobile lifestyle. But for many people, the idea of a mobile tiny house is still a strange concept. Read on to find out about one practical option that is kitted out with smart products from Gira. The "Wohnglück SMART HOUSE" is equipped with all the smart home comforts you could think of – in spite of its small size.

Wohnglück-SMARTHAUS Aussenansicht
The living space in the Wohnglück SMART HOUSE looks larger than it is thanks to the panoramic windows. Source: planet c / studioraum

Own power supply and individual design.

Just like in a standard family home or rented apartment, the modular Wohnglück SMART HOUSE has a bedroom, bathroom and open-plan kitchen and living area – all in just 25 square metres of space. As well as being connected to the local grid, the house can also generate its own energy via a photovoltaic system on the roof: This system heats the water for showering and washing, and powers the installed smart home technology. The future owner is free to choose how the modular Wohnglück SMART HOUSE is designed; the furniture is custom-made and the smart home technologies can be expanded as required.

Access your mobile home remotely.

The Wohnglück SMART HOUSE is even more comfortable and flexible thanks to the installed Gira KNX system. The system is based on the Gira X1, which acts as a server to control the wired Gira smart home products. All of the functions in the house – from the lighting and door communication and security system to sun protection – can be conveniently controlled using an app installed on a tablet or mobile device, or via the Gira G1 touch screen. The lights can be switched on and off remotely, and you'll receive a notification by SMS if the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm detects a fire in your smart tiny house or if the Gira motion detector spots an intruder near the property.

Gira E2 Steckdose in schwarz im Wohnglück-SMARTHAUS
The Gira E2 cover frame around the socket outlets is easy to swap. Source: Cabin Spacey GmbH

Adaptable Gira smart home solutions for mobile living.

Moving from the countryside to the city? Or just feel like refreshing your wallpaper? When your mobile living needs change, the Wohnglück SMART HOUSE can easily adapt with you. In the manufacturer's production hall, the external walls can be redesigned and repainted. You can also treat yourself to a smart update and have new Gira light switches or socket outlets installed. All Gira smart home solutions are designed for adaptability: If it's a better fit for your new decor, you could switch from the minimalist Gira E2 cover frame previously fitted in your Wohnglück SMART HOME to the Gira Event frame. Why not experience the smart tiny house for yourself and explore even more smart products for mobile living?

Aussenansicht Wohnglück-SMARTHAUS mit Firmenlogos

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