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Modern comfort and design: living in a Gira eNet SMART HOME.

Modern comfort and design: living in a Gira eNet SMART HOME.

”What could be easier than pressing a switch?”, Timo Vogler used to think – until he and his wife moved into a new two-storey house in Germany.

First step towards a Smart Home: Gira System 3000.

For a long time, Timo Vogler did not pay much attention to smart technology. In fact, he deemed it rather overrated and unnecessary. "But then my wife and I moved into our house in 2018“, he remembers. "The lighting system for the driveway and outdoor area alone included seven different switches – without any useful labels. At one point, it occurred to me: how great would it be if I didn’t even have to press these switches myself, if it all worked automatically?”

The complicated manual control of outdoor lighting played a huge role in Vogler’s decision to install a Smart Home.

With Philips Hue, he first set up a smart lighting system. Shortly after, he added the Gira System 3000 to automate their blind control – and thus entered the world of Gira Smart Homes.  

When I came home from work at night, the house was oftentimes overheated because nobody was there to lower the blinds at noon. Gira System 3000 solved that problem.

A system for everything: Gira eNet SMART HOME.

The smart features of both systems (Philips Hue and Gira System 3000) sparked Timo’s interest in a fully-fledged Smart Home: "Instead of more isolated installations, I wanted a holistic solution that combined lighting and blind control all in one.” A call with the Gira customer service brought him to the Gira eNet SMART HOME – a system that could be retrofitted without cabling and was compatible with his existing Gira switches.  

A system for everything, working invisibly behind the scenes and accessible via switch at the same time – the main reason why we chose the Gira eNet SMART HOME.

„Anything connected to a switch in our house is now part of eNet.” This allows for a maximum degree of flexibility in everyday life: the Voglers can control all their lights and blinds via switch, app, or voice command. Relying automated schedules, they won’t even have to lift a finger. “And if needed, we can extend or Smart Home anytime in the future”, Timo notes. They plan to install smart heating control sooner or later.  

Scenes to set the right mood at any time of day.

For the Voglers, one of their favourite smart features are so-called scenes. With one simple command, they can activate different devices and functions simultaneously. “If I walk into the kitchen in the morning, I choose the scene “breakfast“ at our central control unit Gira G1. Selected lights will then be switched on at a pre-programmed level of brightness. All it takes is one click. Just awesome.”

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With the help of automated scenes, different lights can be switched on separately or together to create different moods.

Now a passionate Smart Home enthusiast, Timo has created scenes for the entire house: one to switch off all indoor lights and devices, one for outdoor lights, one to lower the blinds and shade the house, along with several scenes for cooking, dining, and hosting guests.

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Intuitive operating unit: Gira G1 allows you to activate stored scenes with a simple tap.

Setting up a Smart Home in two days.

As Timo did a lot of research about eNet and oversaw his own installation, he now has plenty of helpful tips to share.

“You want to place the eNet server at a spot with a strong Wifi signal. Ideally, you should link it to the router via cable so that all switches and devices can be connected to the server. And before starting the system, make sure to update the server software so that it identifies every switch correctly.”

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The top units can be replaced with other variants from the Gira design lines anytime.

Timo is familiar with nitty-gritty questions that usually come up later during the process. By way of example, he knows that the Gira eNet SMART HOME also works with two-circuit switches –because Net inserts actively evaluate all extension lines.

Thanks to meticulous planning and preparation, installing the Gira eNet SMART HOME only took around two days. “The biggest challenge was mounting the switch inserts. Everything else was completed pretty fast. But of course, setting up all these scenes took some time, too.”

Smart support for any occasion.

A few months after setting up his Gira eNet SMART HOME, the former sceptic has been thoroughly convinced: “It makes home life so much easier. Just the automated blind control alone. Leaving for work in the morning, I know that the blinds will always be lowered once the sunshine starts heating up our house.”

The Gira eNet SMART HOME is omnipresent and yet invisible.

The outdoor lights, which drew Timo’s attention to smart systems in the first place, now work fully automatically as well – just like he envisioned it. “I don’t need to do anything and yet everything runs smoothly. I can’t imagine living without this kind of comfort ever again.“