Extreme achitecture: The Edge House

Extreme achitecture: The Edge House

An architectural challenge: The Edge House combines intelligent comfort with extraordinary design. 

  • An extraordinary family home with 850 square metres of living space.
  • Thanks to the addition of a Gira FacilityServer, the Gira HomeServer offers an even wider range of individual control options.
  • The Gira Esprit design line adds a functional design element to the interior.
  • With the KNX system, a system integrator can easily add new functions to the system.

Measured as the crow flies, just four kilometres separates the centre of Krakow from a former quarry that has now become an exclusive residential area. A highlight of this area is the Edge House, which boasts 850 square metres of living space and unique architecture tailored to the location. The extraordinary plot, which is cut through by an eight-metre quarry edge, was a challenging starting point for the architects working on the building. When building so close to an edge, building regulations stipulate that the roof must be of gabled design, which went against the wishes of the clients. By positioning the building on the rocky edge of the quarry and with the help of a steep façade, the building was adapted to suit the contours of the rock; with this design, the gabled roof was the perfect finishing touch for the architectural vision.

A successful architectural composition: The façade of the building was adapted to the contours of the rocky quarry edge. Source: Pawel Ulatowski

The height differences in the property further emphasise the unusual nature of this building project. Seen from the south, the building looks like a single-storey construction; the northern cliff side reveals three levels. In order to prevent the structure from overpowering the plot, the architects designed parts of the site to slope downwards, creating a private living space and pool area. 

Minimalist yet multifunctional: Smart technology completes the concept.

Inside the house, the clear architectural concept continues, with white plastered walls creating a feeling of space in the open-plan living and dining area. 

The Gira Esprit design line, with its clear design language and extraordinary range of material choices, is the perfect finishing touch to the elegant interior concept. With over 300 flexible functions, the design line satisfies all the requirements for modern building technology.

Control complex technology with ease – with the Gira FacilityServer and the outstanding Gira interface.

To install a large number of complex functions in their new smart home, the clients opted for a KNX system from Gira. At the heart of this wired bus installation is the Gira HomeServer, which enables the owners to control all of their building technology via a range of different end devices. In adding the Gira FacilityServer to the solution, the KNX system links everything together: from door communication, the security/alarm system, blinds, electronics windows and doors to the audio system, lighting, heating and climate control technology.

No matter where they are, the residents can enjoy all the benefits of mobile smart home control via the Gira interface on the Gira HomeServer app. At home, they can call up defined functions and individual scenes in any room using the Gira pushbutton sensors. With dimmed lighting and the blinds down, the living area can be transformed into a home cinema.

The KNX installation in the Edge House not only offers an incredible range of functions and enormous flexibility, but it is also fit for the future – because an electrical engineer can reprogram the system to add new functions at any time, without any complex building work or additional cables.

Are you as enthusiastic about the extraordinary architecture as we are?

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