This Berlin Smart Home has intelligent lighting on four levels – controlled by remote and via an app

This Berlin Smart Home has intelligent lighting on four levels – controlled by remote and via an app

Full control of your home and lighting with the Gira eNet SMART HOME system.

  • The comprehensive lighting system in this multi-level Berlin home can be centrally controlled with ease using the Gira eNet SMART HOME system.
  • The residents can also access the lights in their house remotely via an app.

When the days start getting shorter, the lighting in your home becomes all the more important. If you're returning from a long day at work on a cold, dark evening, you'll be looking forward to getting back to a warm and cosy home. And if you're spending the day at home and it starts to go dark in the middle of the afternoon, the right lighting can work wonders for your sense of wellbeing.

However, in large houses with multiple levels in particular, it can be a challenge to get the lighting right across the entire space.

For example, if you forget to switch off the light in one room on the top floor and you've already made your way back downstairs before you realise, it's incredibly annoying to have to climb all the way back up to the top. Nor does it make much sense to switch on the lights manually as you go upstairs – even if you do prefer to walk around in a warm and well-lit house rather than passing entire floors that are dark and unlit. 

Stylish and smart lighting over four floors.

In this stylish, four-level Berlin home, the owners opted to install a smart lighting system to get around these problems. As they didn't want to put up with all of the complex, dusty building work that would have been involved in installing a wired system beneath the classic dark wood flooring in their modern home, they chose a wireless Gira eNet SMART HOME system.

The lighting can be controlled easily using the eNet SMART HOME app.

With this system, all lighting units in the home – from the basement to the attic – can be controlled centrally and even remotely. If the residents notice that they've left the upstairs bathroom light on as they are leaving the house, they can simply switch it off using the Gira eNet SMART HOME app.

Switch off the lights even if you're not home.

If they are still not sure whether they've switched everything off even after they've left, the residents can use their smartphones and the Gira eNet SMART HOME app to check whether any lights have been forgotten – saving them energy and money. When they are at home, the owners can control all of the lighting and blinds in their Berlin home – decorated from top to bottom in light colours – using the Gira G1 control panel, a central touch control point that also operates using the digital Gira eNet SMART HOME interface, just like the smartphone app.

With the G1 you can control your individual light scene in the dining room.

Wireless control units can simply be mounted on the wall.

If you want to make your lighting system as smart as the one in this Berlin home, you don't need to worry about any conventional switches that you've already got installed. Old switches can easily be replaced with wireless eNet units; these new units can also be installed anywhere else in the home thanks to their easy, self-adhesive wall mounting system. 

These switches can then also be integrated into the smart home system and then controlled centrally and wirelessly, either via the eNet SMART HOME app on a smartphone or the Gira G1 control panel. The system boasts many other benefits, too: eNet SMART HOME allows you to call up previously defined room scenes with just a touch: Your home will then, for example, adjust the ambient light to a certain level and close the shutters.

The automated scenes in eNet SMART HOME will put off potential burglars.

When you're away on holiday, you can also use pre-programmed scenes saved in the Gira eNet SMART HOME system to scare away potential burglars.

Operate your G1 via the eNet SMART HOME app to control your lighting and blinds.

Gira eNet SMART HOME offers a wide range of options for the owners of this multi-level Berlin home and other users, with many different ways to operate the system: from automatic sequences to manual control using a range of devices.

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