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The gable-roof Adenauer House reinterpreted in vintage style

The gable-roof Adenauer House reinterpreted in vintage style

The 1950’s detached house that once belonged to the Adenauer family had been in need of renovation, but is now enjoying a creative rebirth thanks to industrial designer Marcel Struck. Key elements of his make-over? Historical collectibles, plenty of vintage charm, and bold colours.

Passion project: a new beginning for the Adenauer House.

For 46 years, this charming gable-roof house was owned by Dr Georg Adenauer, the youngest son of Germany’s first chancellor. Today, it belongs to the industrial designer Marcel Struck, who has turned the renovation of 154 m² living space into his own private project: “I’ve always wanted to design an entire house based on my own ideas. When I work as an interior designer for clients, I do, of course, have to cater to their preferences. But the Adenauer House was something I could shape just the way I wanted.”

The essential fabric of the building was in excellent condition, but Marcel renovated everything else, exposing the walls and replacing the wiring, plumbing, and floors. The only exceptions he made were the 1950s tiled floor upstairs, the oak staircase in the hallway, and the oak floor in the living room. “I wanted to keep those things to preserve the history of the house.”

adenauer haus
For Marcel, both the classic architecture and the outdoor area with its old trees add to the charm of the property.

Sustainable and charming: hand-picked vintage interior furnishings everywhere.

History is not only present in the house itself, but also in the interior furnishings chosen by the designer. Marcel combined furniture and collectibles from many different periods of the last century. “There are pieces in the house from decades between the twenties and eighties,” he says.

"The perfect interplay between the colours, the furniture, and the collectibles make the interior complete for me.”

Marcel Struck, industrial designer

EXQUISIT Interieur GmbH

In fact, every part of the house features pieces steeped in history. While they might all originate from different eras, they still have one thing in common: They are originals, and their time-worn look is precisely what makes them so special to Marcel. The French club chairs in the living room, for example, came from Paris and their scuffed leather creates a unique pattern on the surface. The eye-catching neon-coloured ‘Dancing’ sign was originally found outside a dance school in France, exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. “This weathered look is unique. You can imitate something like that, but it doesn’t look nearly as charming,” says Marcel.

The interiors are finished off with designer furniture, such as dining chairs by French designer Jean Prouvé and a sideboard by H.W. Klein, a Danish designer.

Bold use of colour in the living room and bedroom.

The industrial designer also trusted his personal taste when it came to the colour scheme. “I find colour very interesting in connection with interior design. I don’t follow any particular style in this respect, but opt for colours that I think best suit the interior.”

In the living room, for example, blue walls contrast with the warm wood and leather tones of the furnishings – whereas a bright green was used for the Asian-inspired bedroom. As with the rest of the house, Marcel went with hand-picked pieces here. He got the bed frame from a Berlin-based design firm. “I love the frame because it’s so delicate and free-floating.” The shelf next to it is made from dark Chinese bamboo and, together with the bed frame and the painting of Mao above the bed, it makes up the overall look of the room.

adenauer haus
In the Chinese-themed bedroom, the delicate bedstead, bamboo shelf, and painting of Mao create a harmonious atmosphere.

A home that feels good to live in.

When asked what he likes best about the house, Marcel replies: “I feel extremely comfortable in every room, in every single corner. Whether I’m reading in my armchair, relaxing on the couch, or waking up in the bedroom – I love every moment I spend in the house and garden.”

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