Minimalist living: Clear and streamlined

Minimalist living: Clear and streamlined

Minimalism is the most systematic interior style, as it focuses on one thing above all else: cutting things out.

At the start of the 20th century, Bauhaus-style designers such as Henry van de Velde and Walter Gropius were not only influencing new designs, but also establishing the idea of designing products for industrial manufacture among young artists. This ideal expanded to include everyday objects. At this time, designers were creating objects that could be manufactured en-masse but that still met even the most demanding aesthetic and functional requirements – without incorporating ornaments and details that would hinder the production process. Minimalism was born.

Clear and streamlined: The timeless design of the Gira Esprit glass design line harmoniously blends into the minimalist interior.

Pure minimalism needs space to unfold.

Minimalist living is characterised first and foremost by the design of its furniture. Each piece is an individual entity in its own right, and any superfluous detail would only detract from the result. Alongside the puristic interpretation of minimalist living, there is also a modern-day version. Contemporary minimalism is characterised by geometric shapes combined with different colours and surfaces, allowing for smaller rooms to be styled in a minimalist way without looking redundant or cold.

The streamlined Gira E2 stainless steel design line is also a perfect match for this interior style.

The modern interpretation of minimalism.

The starting points for modern minimalism are monochrome walls and floors, clear lines, sparse decoration and a limited colour palette. The effect is created through the interplay of materials and shapes in the room. With this in mind, there is one ingredient that is absolutely essential to pulling off this style: storage space. Objects left lying around or shelves that are full to bursting will damage the harmonious look. Accents, on the other hand, won't ruin the effect. Even though minimalism requires systematic thinking, a minimalist room doesn't have to look cold and sterile. Large prints in bold colours or sculptural metallic lamps will soften the effect.

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