East meets west: Japandi interior style

East meets west: Japandi interior style

East and west come together in a fusion of natural colours and functionality. The marriage of Nordic “hygge” and Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” characterise an interior style many have come to know as Japandi.

Scandinavia and Japan are two places you wouldn’t exactly describe as “close”. Yet the Japandi interior style embodies common values both cultures hold dear. In Japan, “Wabi-Sabi” refers to a philosophy or a worldview, the acceptance of transience and imperfection. This also applies to interior design. In Nordic countries, “hygge” is the concept of warm, rustic cosiness. When merged, Japandi is the result.

Warm, matching and natural colours like beige, green, subtle brown, aubergine, black and grey characterise this interior style. Also driven by function, it places a high emphasis on decorative items that serve a practical purpose. Subtle yet vital details such as the switch frames Gira E2 and Gira E3 merge seamlessly with this style.

The Gira E2 design line, a range of colours that fit the Japandi interior style.

Streamlined and minimalist, the iconic Gira E2 design line embodies the soul of Japandi. Installed flat against the wall, it is subtle and unobtrusive yet adds a noticeable element to your interior style. Its colours suit the neutral yet warm colour scheme of Japandi with choices such as black matt, anthracite, stainless steel and pure white matt. Further options include pure white glossy, aluminium and grey matt.

Japandi Wohnstil Schlafzimmer
The clear, reduced lines of the Gira E2 (grey matt) switch fit perfectly to the timeless warmth of Japandi.

A soft touch that adds harmony, order & peace with Gira E3.

The Gira E3 design line is characterised both by order and peace: rounded corners on the outer frame, straight lines on the inside. Its design language certainly adds to the Japandi style, but this becomes even more evident in the colour accents you can set. Neutral, yet warm colours like light grey soft touch are not the only choice. There is great variation with umber soft touch, dark grey soft touch and sand soft touch.

Gira System 3000 Jalousie- und Lichtsteuerung in E3 Designlinie
Gira E3 switch frame (grey soft touch, automatic blind control) sets a stark yet subtle and matching accent on the wall.

Functionality at the core with System 55.

Gira System 55 is a unique modular system that provides you with the option of not only switching the design of your frames, but also changing functionality of your design lines. Both the Gira E2 and E3 can, thanks to this system, be exchanged with a choice of over 300 functional inserts and a variety of frame design options. Beauty, function and design: what lies at the core of System 55 lies also at the heart of Japandi.

Embracing harmony, order and peace.

Implementing Japandi in your home means instilling your abode with an interior style that welcomes harmony, peace and a little touch of imperfection. Using design lines like Gira E2 and Gira E3, your home benefits from eye-catching details that still blend seamlessly into the surroundings.

Japandi Wohnstil Gira E2
Seamless integration of the iconic Gira E2 frame (black matt) that blends in well with the warm, subtle colours of Japandi.