Industrial Style: Cool yet homely

Industrial Style: Cool yet homely

Unplastered walls, old metal cabinets, industrial lamps and exposed bulbs: all the hallmarks of pure industrial.

If you’re a fan of the industrial look, there’s no need to move into a loft apartment or a converted old factory. Though that would be the pinnacle achievement of industrial style. You can rather use pallets, bulbs suspended from the ceiling and a few metal accessories to integrate this style into your interior. This style originally started in England and the USA in 1940, when entrepreneurs began converting old factories into living spaces. It was only in the 1980s that the trend made its way to Germany. The industrial style has been popular ever since and is currently experiencing something of a revival in the interior design world.

The perfect match for industrial style: the new Gira Studio design line. The dynamic design of this switch creates an interesting contrast with the unpolished charm of the interior.

Industrial style: Unique, with a nod to vintage.

These days, we can buy all kinds of furniture and accessories inspired by genuine vintage industrial finds. But true fans of this interior style prefer original authentic pieces sourced from old factory buildings. This has transformed such spaces into treasure troves for industrially inspired designers. The key hallmarks of this style include furniture made from repurposed work benches, shelving racks, lockers, enamel industrial lamps and rough red brick or concrete walls. The more signs of use, the better.

Metal, wood or concrete: The mix of these diverse materials is just as crucial to this interior style as signs of use and patina.

Muted colours and extensive rust.

Rust, paint stains, yellowed plastic and rough red brick or concrete walls are desirable features. The colour palette that matches this interior style paints a similar picture: Industrial style uses mainly subtle, earthy tones, with rusty red, grey and dark and light brown featuring heavily. As with most interior styles, accents are, of course, permitted. Individual walls or industrial-style furniture in pastel shades will loosen up the industrial look.

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