Time to transform your home office into an oasis of productivity: stylish switches, easily adjustable lighting, and connected workstations.

1. Flexible & stylish: power supply for your smartphone

Need to charge your mobile devices during a meeting without interruptions? The Gira USB power supply A & C has two USB connections (A and C) for both older and new devices. Thanks to a speed-charging function (3,000 mAh), your smartphone or tablet will spring back to life within minutes.

2. A multifunctional toolbar on your wall: Gira Profile 55

Never got enough socket outlets at home? Maybe you’d like to turn on some music while working? In that case, the Gira Profile 55 offers a simple solution. This smart toolbar can easily be retrofitted onto the wall or onto your desk. You can expand it with up to eight socket outlets as well as the Gira IP flush-mounted radio.

3. Enhance your workplace visually with the Gira E2 design line

Work becomes so much easier in a beautiful environment. With the timeless Gira E2 design line, you can accentuate the look and feel of your home office. Its clear and reduced aesthetics perfectly complements modern interiors. Switches are available in variants such as anthracite and stainless steel: subtle yet elegant. Gira E2 is also pleasant to the touch – making your workday just a little bit more comfortable every time you turn the lights on or off.

4. The Smart Home duo for even more functions: Gira X1 and Gira G1

Perhaps you’d like to combine the benefits of a professional home office and a cosy living space under one roof. That’s where a smart system comes into play: it enables you to implement the most demanding of applications. Using the Gira X1 server, you not only control individual components of your home office – at the same time, you’ll keep your entire house in check. Apart from setting automated functions, you can also customise each setting with the Gira G1 control unit.

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