You love to travel and explore new places, without giving up the perks of modern living comfort? These five lodgings will make your experience worthwhile: exclusive locations, extraordinary interior design, and Smart Home technology.

Remote cabin in the woods or luxurious hotel in the city? No matter where you spend a holiday – your accommodation should offer everything you need to lean back and relax. From the view outside the window to light switches on the wall, it’s the attention to detail that turns an overnight stay into an unforgettable memory. To give you some inspiration for the next trip, let’s take a look at five remarkable locations all over Europe.

From tiny Smart Homes to extravagant hotels: these venues all have their own special appeal. Source: 25hours Hotel, Christian Perl, Cabin One, Moar Gut, Ronald Smits, Alexander Huber

Urban & modern

The Hood House in Hamburg, Germany has everything you need to enjoy the big city life. Source: Christian Perl

Hood House: supreme comfort in downtown Hamburg

Located around 100 kilometres from the North Sea coast, Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city right after Berlin. The “Winterhude” district ranks among the most coveted neighbourhoods – thanks to plenty of restaurants, idyllic parks, and cultural hot spots. That’s also where you’ll find the Hood House: an exclusive apartment complex with 148 furnished living units across seven floors. The interior meets highest quality standards in every aspect, from custom-made furniture to smart TVs with Netflix access. Gira E2 light switches on the wall round off the minimalist design concept. In case you get so comfortable that you don’t want to leave, the Hood House has you covered as well: long-stay bookings can be extended up to six months at a discount. Regular prices start at 110 euros per night.

Luxurious & close to nature

The Austrian resort “Moar Gut” is a wellness oasis for adults and children alike. Source: Moar Gut

Moar Gut in Salzburger Land: holidays for the whole family

Want to spend some quality time with your loved ones and leave no wishes unfulfilled? Then the Moar Gut might be just what you need: fresh alpine air, breath-taking views, a large variety of wellness treatments, and kid-friendly activities such as horseback riding. Within the family suites, cottage charm meets five-star standards. Wooden floors and walls, cosy fabrics, and tiled fireplaces will make you feel at home the minute you enter the room. Guests also get to enjoy the benefits of modern technology: using the Gira pushbutton sensor 4, they can easily control a variety of smart functions in their suite. Prices for a stay at the Austrian hotel start at 545 euros per night for a double bedroom.

Stylish & extravagant

Inside the 25hours hotel, you can’t stop marvelling at the circus-inspired decor. Source: 25hours

25hours in Vienna: when interior design turns into a spectacle

You have a taste for the eccentric and magical? The 25hours is the perfect place to take a break from reality. Located in the 7th district of Vienna, this hotel pays homage to the circus world at every turn. From armchairs suspended from the ceiling like trapezes to colourful paintings on the wall – the whole interior design is truly an event in itself. Each room has its own eclectic appeal, mixing vintage decor with modern accents. The 25hours invites guests to forget their everyday worries and “enjoy the show” – even if it's just for a weekend. Considering the venue’s exclusive setup, prices are relatively low with around 100 euros per night.  

Indoors & outdoors

Welcome to the Buitenhuis: outdoor living with the perks of modern comfort. Source: Tim van de Velde

Buitenhuis in the Netherlands: the happy place for nature lovers

Cuddling up inside or sleeping out in the open? At Droompark De Zanding, a Dutch national park near Otterlo, you’ll get the best of both worlds. The so-called Buitenhuis (which translates to “outdoor house”) combines living in the middle of nature with indoor comfort.

A huge glass facade offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding trees, blurring the lines between inside and outside. The interior has been kept close to nature as well: lots of wood, green plants, and earthy colours. Even the switches and socket outlets on the wall are based on sustainable materials, with linoleum-plywood frames from the Gira Esprit design line. Despite its upscale furnishings, staying at the Buitenhuis is surprisingly affordable:

one week during the off season will only cost you around 600 euros.

Smart & flexible

Cabin One demonstrates that with a few space-saving tricks, a few square metres are all you need. Source: Cabin One

Cabin One in the Austrian Alps: minimal space, maximum convenience

Ever dreamed of living in a tiny house? At the Cabinski Montafon, you can give it a try – for 99 euros per night. The resort consists of ten mini holiday homes designed by the German manufacturer Cabin One. Thanks to a clever spatial concept, the cabins include a built-in kitchen, bathroom, and up to four sleeping berths. Huge glass fronts let in plenty of sunlight and allow for panoramic views onto the picturesque landscape. Apart from their cosy interior and idyllic location, the minimal houses offer another special treat: lights, blinds, heating, and even audio entertainment are connected to a smart wireless network and can be controlled via the Gira G1.  

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