What you need to install an intercom system

Any door communication consists of two main components: an outdoor station and a home station for indoors. Older buildings rarely have a modern installation that meets highest quality standards in terms of audio and video. If you want to retrofit a door intercom, we recommend a modular solution such as the Gira System 106. Each module within that system has the same uniform measurements of 106,5 x 106,5 mm. This allows you to arrange single components vertically, horizontally, or in a square – depending on which design you prefer and on which surface the intercom is installed.  

Gira System 106: a flexible intercom for any home

Your entrance area should be set up in such a way that both you and your guests feel instantly welcome. With the Gira System 106, you will definitely leave a great first impression: its elegant minimalist design turns any house facade into a visual highlight. Apart from the classic surface-mounted installation, you can opt for a flush-mounted version that seemingly merges into the wall. There are plenty of options in terms of colours and materials as well: the Gira System 106 is available in stainless steel, aluminium, and traffic white. 

Gira System 106 Türstation, Aufputz-Variante in Verkehrsweiß am Hauseingang
Make a great first impression with a stylish door intercom at the entrance. Source: Gira

Retrofitting door communication: the best options

In your own home, a visually pleasing aesthetic should go hand in hand with practical functions for everyday use. To ensure that your door intercom meets your personal needs, you can combine a variety of functions:  

  • The Gira call button module 106 replaces the traditional doorbell. You can either have your name engraved into the metal surface or choose illuminated letters instead.   

  • The Gira speaking module 106 includes a high-quality microphone which automatically blocks out background noises. Needless to say, the speaker is made from weatherproof material.   

  • The Gira camera module 106 comes with a high photosensitivity, a wide recording angle, and backlight compensation. You can thus see precisely what is going on at your front door anytime. A break- and scratchproof black glass pane provides a secure layer of protection.  

  • Via the Gira info module 106, you can integrate additional information alongside your name, e.g. the house number or a corporate logo.   

  • The Gira display module 106 uses different symbols to show visitors the current status – when they can speak or when the door opens, for example.  

How to make your door intercom smart

You’re already living in a Smart Home or plan to install one in the near future? Then it’s a good idea to update your door communication right away. The Gira System 106 can be connected to KNX networks via the remote access module Gira S1. This allows you to control your door intercom on the touch display of the Gira G1 or your smartphone. Via the DCS mobile app (with DCS standing for ”door communication system“), you can even welcome your guests when you’re not home – and switch on the outdoor lights or open the front door remotely. The DCS IP gateway thereby ensures that all transmitted data are safely encrypted. At the same time, a personal PIN protects the door opening function against unauthorised access.   

Weatherproof welcome with Gira door stations

For those who can do without smart features, the Gira door station offers a convenient alternative. The surface- or flush-mounted installation covers all essential functions, including:  

  • all button 

  • speaker 

  • microphone 

Name plates can easily be exchanged without opening the frame. As soon it gets dark, LEDs will illuminate the buttons – either in blue or white. The retrofittable door intercom is made from breakproof, UV-resistant, and water-protected materials so that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. A robust and reliable solution for door communication in any home.  

Gira Keyless In

Gira Keyless In products make it possible to open doors of buildings or single rooms safely and without keys – either via code or fingerprint. Thanks to the flexible design options of Gira System 55, you can freely combine the modules that fit your personal style best.

Gira motion detector Cube

To ensure reliable light switching, the Cube is capable of detecting not only ambient brightness but also the thermal motion of passers-by. This particular combination prevents the unintentional illumination of the light. For example, a gust of wind won’t switch it on or waste energy. This means that the Cube reacts only when needed.

Gira smoke alarm devices

Gira smoke alarm devices protect your home against outbreaks of fire – safely and reliably. The “Q” label stands for highest quality standards, a long lifeapan, less deceptive alarms, and increased stability. Based on the photoelectric scattered light principle, the devices register small smoke particles and trigger an alarm as soon as the threshold value is exceeded. The battery will last up to 10 years, until the smoke alarm device must be replaced by law.

Gira KNX weather station Plus

You can follow your daily routine in complete relaxation because, no matter what the weather, your home is prepared for everything. The Gira weather station Plus is particularly convenient, safe and efficient. This system measures nine different meteorological parameters and transmits the current data to the in-house KNX system. Paired devices then perform the desired functions: The sun starts to shine and the blinds are automatically lowered, it gets stormy and they are brought back into a safe position. Or the shutters close in the dark and the exterior and path lighting switches on. It's as simple as that.

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