Sustainability, security, and energy efficiency have become the cornerstones for the future of living. This was clearly visible at this year’s leading international trade fair for lighting and building technology. We were live on site to take a look at some of the most exciting innovations showcased during the Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022.

Design lamps made from wood and felt, smart control features, automated alarm systems: between 1 and 6 October, visitors gained insights into the latest trends presented by more than 1,500 exhibitors. In case you couldn’t make it this time around – here’s an overview of the highlights that left a lasting impression on us.

Light + Building 2022 Messe Lampen
Definitely trending among interior enthusiasts in 2023: muted colours combined with eco-friendly materials. Source: Anna Winterhoff
Light + Building 2022 Messe Tastsensor 4
Gira pushbutton sensor 4: smart lighting control in elegant design. Source: Anna Winterhoff

Design meets sustainability

Once again, the Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022 has proven that the lighting industry plays a pivotal role in driving creative and technological progress. One of the most prominent themes this year: designs made from eco-friendly materials such as the 3d-printed lamp “Ohmie”. For this product, Italian manufacturer Krill Design used orange peels to keep the generated waste at an absolute minimum. Every component of the “Orange Lamp“ is completely biodegradable.

Light + Building 2022 Messe Fresnel Lampe
The Fresnel lamp seems to float in the air like a satellite in outer space. Source: Dirk van der Kooij
Light + Building 2022 Messe LZF Lamps Holz
Another sustainable eye-catcher: Big Bird, a wooden installation designed by Isidro Ferrer for LZF Lamps. Source: LZF Lamps

Efficiency driven by digitalisation

Shedding light on dark corners was one of the trade fair’s main themes – in every sense of the word. From hall 8 through 12, visitors could marvel at recent technological innovations for building automation and energy management: integrated networks, self-learning systems, and AI features will help us use our resources as efficiently as possible. Home owners in particular are expected to benefit immensely from smart heating control. But that’s not all: we saw a lot more products that take living comfort to unprecedented levels. The new Gira KNX RF system, for example, can be installed without extra cabling – which allows you to retrofit a fully-fledged Smart Home even in apartments or older buildings.

More security through connectivity 

We’ve been facing one crisis after another for several years now. No wonder that the demand for higher security standards has risen steadily. From access restrictions and video monitoring to smoke alarm and data protection – as technology becomes more intelligent, our homes become safer as well. The Light + Building demonstrated how this trend plays out in everyday life: smart video cameras, automated outdoor lighting, and alarm systems rank among the most popular add-ons in modern homes.

Gira Keyless In, for example, enables you to open doors of buildings and single rooms via code or fingerprint – no keys necessary.

Light that supports our well-being

Another trend that stood out at the trade fair: HCL, short for Human Centric Lighting. Simply put, this term refers to a concept that provides ideal lighting conditions for any environment at any time. HCL thus aims to improve both our mental and physical health on a long-term basis. To that end, Italian manufacturer Artemide developed a trailblazing technology called Integralis. What looks like a regular desk lamp at first glance is actually a smart sanitiser: based on UV rays, Integralis fights pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, and mould) and thereby disinfects its surroundings. Lights on, germs off!

Last but not least, we’ve got one more highlight from this year’s Light + Building. The pendant luminaire Jungle, presented by the Polish brand Flexxica, illustrates how biophilic designs bring us closer to nature – even when we don’t leave the house. At the office, biodynamic lamps can generate a pleasant daylight atmosphere while green walls filter pollutants to ensure a clean indoor climate. Natural colours and materials thereby not only serve as decorative elements – they also prove essential in keeping us healthy and happy.

Light + Building 2022 Messe Lampe Flexxica Jungle
Lamp and pot plant all in one: the “Jungle” from Flexxica combines lighting with indoor gardening. Source: Flexxica

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