Setting new standards in 1926: Gira socket outlet no. 265 (European)

Setting new standards in 1926: Gira socket outlet no. 265 (European)

Socket outlet no. 265 marked an early milestone in Gira’s corporate history. With a porcelain cover and ground-breaking mechanism, it became the model for an entire generation of products.

Inspired by customers – developed by experts.

Gira switches and socket outlets are known for their innovative design and premium materials. Socket outlet no. 265 laid the foundation for this long-standing reputation – as the company’s first product that perfectly combined form and function. 

The Gira catalogue first listed socket outlet no. 265 in 1930.

Back in the 1920s, Gira – still called “Electrotechnical Industry Gustav Giersiepen” at the time – recognised the need for socket outlets with adequate plug contacts. The company’s solution to that problem: spring contacts. This innovation established an entirely new quality standard for years to come. Contrary to conventional variants with heavy receptacles, Gira could now ensure a firm and secure contact between plug and socket outlet. 

A product description published for the launch explains the benefits of socket outlet no. 265:  

„Following the requests of our dear customers, our new socket outlet no. 165 has been equipped with spring contacts. The heavy receptacles previously used can no longer guarantee a proper and secure contact with today’s slit plugs.” 

Inside, the socket outlet contains spring contacts made from high-quality phosphor bronze.

First-rate materials for long-lasting functionality.

Spring contacts alone were not enough to revolutionize the socket outlet. Gira also saw potential for improvement in the material used, aiming to create a more durable product. To that end, the product description read as follows: 

„This nuisance [no proper contact] also occurs with spring contacts after repeated usage – unless they are made from the best of materials.” 

Instead of brass and tombac, Gira chose a material of higher value for the socket outlet no. 265: phosphor bronze.  

A virtual replication of the historical product: even in 1926, socket outlet no. 265 met all requirements of VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik) and DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung).

Apart from new spring contacts made of phosphor bronze, the outlet stood out with a compact design. When mounted on the wall, it would thus blend in easily with its surroundings. 

Gira socket outlets today: versatile and ever-changing.

Nearly a century later, Gira still produces socket outlets that fulfil highest standards in terms of security, longevity, and aesthetics. 

The modular concept of Gira System 55 allows customers to combine products in various designs – from smart switches to socket outlets with integrated LED lights. With the design configurator, finding your perfect match will just take a few clicks.  

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