The Gira brand

The Gira brand

We’re the ones with the switches. And so much more. Smart Home pioneers, KNX experts, and designers of the future.

Gira company

Gira introduces itself.

We are Gira. We are the ones with the switches. But we’re so much more. Future-oriented. Responsible. Certified. We're the guardians, innovators, smart home pioneers, developers, systems thinkers, KNX partners, shapers of the future, patent masters, award winners and designers. But above all, we’re the ones who listen. To you. Subtle, but smart. With a distinct focus on quality, materials and functions. And the driving force of innovation. In our hearts, we are engineers on a mission to inspire. With new technologies, smart applications, and impressive attention to detail. We will always work our hardest to find the best solution for you. With service, design and performance made in Germany. Because that is what we stand for. And have been standing for since 1905.
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Gira 2020

We’re the ones with the switches. And so much more.

Award-winning design for the smartest way of life.

Our mission is to make your home even more comfortable, secure, and future-proof. That's why we constantly strive to develop new products that combine smart functionality and unique aesthetics. Our ever-expanding product range has received a variety of awards – for innovative technology, state-of-the-art design, and solutions that put the customer's experience first.

Red Dot Award 2020: Gira named the best Smart Home automation brand.

With the company history dating back to 1905, Gira is now one of the leading and best-known suppliers in the industry. In the eyes of customers, the Gira brand is still particularly associated with switches. But Gira is so much more – it’s also a Smart Home expert and a KNX partner.

In order to strengthen its brand awareness, Gira has repositioned itself with a revised brand appearance in 2020 under the motto, "We are the ones with the switches. But also so much more." It now presents itself as a strong Smart Home provider and is awarded the Red Dot Award 2020 for being the best Smart Home brand.

Gira Red Dot Award 2020 Best Smart Home Brand
Excellent Gira brand presence: The Red Dot Design Award 2020 Best of the Best in the category "Smart Building Brands".

More than just on and off. Light or dark. Convenience, security, comfort and sustainability. Ever since Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG was founded, people have been at the centre of everything we do.

Today, our intelligent, pioneering system solutions for networked building control set new benchmarks, including Gira smart home and Gira building systems, user-friendly and secure devices for controlling lighting, climate systems and blinds, as well as door intercoms, multimedia and security technology.

“Made in Germany” engineering is at the heart of our family company. We also insist on development and production processes that are socially and environmentally sustainable and strive to work in a way that protects our planet and its resources, while achieving design and functional perfection. This is why products from Gira can now be found all over the world. And why we’re about so much more than just on or off.

Gira UK c/o Wandsworth, the home of Gira in the UK

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