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G-Pulse: The Gira Online Magazine

G-Pulse: The Gira Online Magazine

G-Pulse keeps you up to date with the latest exciting trends in the fields of Smart Homes, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Trends & Architecture.

Want to paint the living room, but don’t know what colour to pick? Thanks to Gira’s Online Magazine, you can take a look at the latest interior trends and get ideas for their implementation. These days, design is on par with functionality. Beds can turn into sofas and tables during the daytime. Mobile walls allow for greater flexibility. These are examples of modern living comfort. Read exciting interviews with designers and architects and see how they are meeting current furnishing requirements. Since 2015, G-Pulse has been presenting breathtaking buildings, showcasing the latest tech trends and providing background information on building projects with Gira products. You can also stay up to date with exciting live reports from industry events. Have any questions regarding interior design and architecture? G-Pulse is more than just a magazine. Simply write a comment with your question and our 15 authors will get back to you.

We’re inviting you to discover a range of topics and look forward to hearing from you!

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