Wohnhaus Würfelform

A creative balance between living and art

A creative balance between living and art

A new residential house for an art-loving Cologne family appears almost museum-like on the street side with its orthogonal, plain cubes. Its interior not only contains airy, bright rooms with consistently designed, inviting living spaces but also always places its focus on select works of art.


Kröger-Daniels Architekten BDA, Cologne



Constantin Meyer



Cologne, Germany

Built around art.

The architectural practice of Katharina Kröger-Daniels designed the building, incorporating the artwork of a painter highly regarded by the client into the design of the rooms. This starts in the two-storey entrance area, which directs the visitor's attention directly to two expressive large formats. The architecture here ensures a clear sense of calm and establishes an appropriate – always high-quality – contrast.

Moderner Esstisch in Neubau Wohnhaus
Clear shapes, sharp contrasts: the interior effortlessly ensures a calm atmosphere. (Photo: Constantin Meyer)

Consistent order.

The large living area of 580 m2 is logically arranged and organised. For example, the fitness area in the basement is linked to the pool in the garden. The large living environment on the ground floor also links all social functions and creates a harmonious centrepiece with a consistent use of materials and shapes. A characteristic material is the vividly grained granite, which can be found everywhere in the finely arranged interiors: from the kitchen block to the fireplace wall to the bathroom.

Art meets convenience.

Despite all the severity and confident presentation of style and elegance, the quality of living is never forgotten – and is combined with contemporary sustainability. For example, the solid construction is efficiently supplied with heating and cooling by using controlled living space ventilation and underfloor heating. Smart control is provided by the Gira HomeServer, the Gira G1 and the pushbutton sensor 3, while the Gira door station and Gira Keyless are responsible for security. This establishes the ideal combination of art and convenience.

Moderner Neubau Wohnhaus von aussen
The face: closed cubes conceal bright, spacious interiors. (Photo: Constantin Meyer)
Installed Gira Products

Gira door station

Manufactured from shatterproof, UV-resistant materials and in the Gira TX_44 design line, the Gira door station is perfectly equipped for your outdoor area. No matter whether as surface-mounted or flush-mounted version. The basic equipment includes a speaker, microphone and doorbell. By integrating a colour camera, you can also see who is at the door.

Gira E2

Thanks to its streamlined minimalist design, the timeless and original Gira E2 design line is the perfect complement to a range of interior styles. Choose between the shatter-proof UV-resistant plastic versions in pure white matt, pure white glossy, black matt, aluminium (varnished) and anthracite, or stainless steel.

Gira socket outlets for indoors

The Gira socket outlet range boasts a diverse range of designs and functions. Gira socket outlets can be adapted and expanded with complete flexibility to suit your needs. From integrated increased contact protection and lighting to models with hinged covers – Gira has the solution you’re looking for.

Gira HomeServer

Customise each moment: with the Gira HomeServer, you can easily put complex scenarios into practice. Even garden irrigation and smart speakers can be integrated into the system. All transmission is, of course, encrypted.

Gira pushbutton sensor 3

Controlling lighting and blinds, regulating the room temperature, or storing and calling up complete mood scenes consisting of light, blinds and music – with the Gira pushbutton sensor 3 you can conveniently control a multitude of functions at the push of a button.

Gira G1

Random switching operations for lights and blinds create the impression that someone is at home. And if you integrate the room temperature controller into the control unit, you can easily set your individual room temperature.

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