Fürst & Friedrich Düsseldorf

New Work with a grand gesture

New Work with a grand gesture

At Kirchplatz in Düsseldorf, the coworking provider Design Offices has moved into a new architectural highlight – the Fürst & Friedrich office building. Behind the spectacular facade are working environments that are modern and highly flexible yet aesthetically attractive.


slapa oberholz pszczulny | architects



Nils Koenning



Düsseldorf, Germany

Design Offices Düsseldorf Innenansicht
Grand, multi-storey entrance with a view of Kirchplatz and St. Peter’s church. (Photo: Nils Koenning)

A rich history taken into the future

The striking, rectilinear concrete and glass construction designed by the Düsseldorf architects SOP integrates an opulent historical natural stone facade from the Rhenish Prussian era on its street-facing side – thus making the building a significant address at the crossroads of Fürstenwall and Friedrichstrasse from which it gets its name. Along the latter, the long structure with its clear, stripped-down architecture provides a calming effect while opening up towards Kirchplatz with a grand gesture.

Design Offices Düsseldorf Innenansicht
A successful start: symbiosis of noble materials and modern furnishing. (Photo: Nils Koenning)

Ready for the New Workers

The office floors used for coworking can be flexibly partitioned and provide the entire range of modern working environments – from open-space areas with conference islands and retreat areas to combination zones with transparent conference rooms and individual or group offices. A total space of 5,400 m2 is available here, including a 900 m2 event area that can be booked for conferences, business events and much more.

Design Offices Düsseldorf Stühle in der Meeting Area
Industrial charm meets casual design – ready for meetings & more (Photo: Nils Koenning)

A coherent all-round package

The interior also has highlights that match the urban development requirements and the special nature of the facade. Selected designer furniture and carefully minimalist service areas – such as the matt black tea rooms – create an impression of perfect composure. The Gira E2 black matt and E2 surface-mounted pure white glossy series also fit perfectly into this arrangement. It all makes Fürst & Friedrich an appealing home for New Work in an optimal, urban location.

Design Offices Düsseldorf schwarze Wand mit Gira
Black, simple, elegant: tea room with green emphasis. (Photo: Nils Koenning)

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